Dance and Music Clubs in Prague

There are a lot dance and music clubs in Prague but as opposed to the bars, most of the popular late-night clubbing venues exist outside of the city center. Check out some of best clubs in Prague we have listed here for you. The best day to hit the night clubs is Thursday to Saturday, but in the centre you will never find a club empty. Don’t arrive before 10.30pm; that is our advice.

Radost FX prague club

Palác Akropolis

This is the city’s best venue with great and often unusual live music and DJs. Performances range from classical local music to modern foreign bands (selection of house, hip hop and reggae). There are two bars plus a café. The theatre bar has great small DJ sets and a fun, but tight dance floor.

Location: Kubelíkova 27, Prague 3, website
Metro: Jiřího z Poděbrad (line A)
Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 stop Lipanská
Admission: from 30-400 CZK.



Prague’s biggest and newest venue is housed in Holesovice‘s market complex. Club also includes a pan-Asian restaurant, a major venue for big-name live events and dance club. Club is popular amongst the city’s fashionable elite. Go early; otherwise be prepared for long lines at the door. 

Location: Bubenské nábřeží 306, Smichov, website
Metro: Vltavska (line C) 
Admission: from 100-1000 CZK.


Klub Lávka

Klub Lávka is a cheesy disco with a cool riverside terrace overlooking Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The party goes on until early morning.

Location: Novotného lávka 1, Old Town, website
Metro: Staroměstská (line A). (Read more)



If funk and techno is your favourite then Roxy is the best club in town. Arrive around midnight when the fun starts. It has been one of Prague’s most popular clubs since 1993 with live bands, local and international DJs, and concerts. During the day it serves as a pub. The weekends get busy as the club is open till the early hours of the morning.

Location: Dlouhá 33, Old Town, website
Metro: Náměstí Republiky (line B)
Tram: 5, 8, 14, 51, 54 (stop: Dlouhá třída)
Open: concerts at 7pm; club nights at 10pm. (Read more)


Mish Mash

Mish Mash has an attractive environment; many hot chicks gather here.

Location: Veletržní, Prague 7, websiteMetro: Hradčanská (A).


Klub 007

This is the most reliable of the independent and underground clubs. Expect heaps of students.

Location: Chaloupeckého 7, ČVUT dorms at Strahov, Prague 6, website
Metro: Anděl (line B)
Tram: Koleje Strahov
Open: Mon-Thurs 7.30pm-1am; Fri and Sat 7.30pm-2am.


Radost FX

Here you will find named DJs, alternative music and cool people. There are exquisite sofas and mosaic-topped tables, a café serving great veggie food and cheesecakes, a Moroccan lounge in the back for relaxation and downstairs a dance club that only gets going after late hours. Thursday nights are the most popular as it is hip hop night.

Location: Bělehradská 120, Vinohrady, websiteMetro: I.P. Pavlova (line C)
Tram: 4, 6, 10, 11, 16, 22, 23, 51, 56, 57 (stop: I.P.Pavlova).



Building was originally used as a factory, now it is one of the most impressive and popular clubs in Prague. It is a very fashionable club, featuring an industrial-chic club to dance to house and techno music. It is one of the most popular clubs in Prague, despite the fact that the club is out of the centre.

Location: U průhonu 3, Prague 7, website
Metro: (Line C) Vltavská
Tram: 01, 14, 54 stop U průhonu
Open: Wed, Fri and Sat 10pm-6am; closed Mon, Tue, Thu and Sun.
Admission: from 150 to 200 CZK. (Read more)


Karlovy Lázně

This huge and very cool night club is located just 40m from Charles Bridge. Each floor has its own style, from chill out to hard-core trance; there are live bands at ground level or you can dance to classic disco on the first floor (Discotheque), rock to 1960s and 70s music on the second floor (Kaleidoskop), or jump around to house and techno on the third floor (Paradogs). This is the biggest club of such type in Central Europe.

Location: Smetanovo nábřeží 1, Old Town, website
Open: 9pm-5am
Admission: 100 CZK. (Read more)



Duplex is one of Prague’s most popular nightclubs with huge dance halls filled with local teenagers and even stag-party stragglers. It is a combination of nightclub, café and restaurant. During the day the sixth-floor terrace restaurant is a great place for coffee to enjoy the views. At night it offers a view overlooking the lights of Wenceslas Square. It is also the place where Mick Jagger spent his birthday while he was in Prague.

Location: Wenceslas Square 21, New Town, website
Open: Wed, Thu and Fri 10pm-5am; Sat 11pm-5am
Closed: Mon, Tue and Sun.


La Fabrique

It is one of the oldest and most well-known clubs in Prague. This disco has a couple of dance floors for people of all ages.

Location: Uhelný trh 2, Old Town.


Chateau Rouge

Location: Jakubská 647/2, Old Town. website


Retro Music Hall

This is a large club with striptease shows. Adjacent to the club is a restaurant and music bar. The club offers a varied roster of local and international bands, and DJs rocking the decent floor.

Location: Francouzská 4, Prague 2, website
Metro: Náměstí míru (A)
Open: Thu-Sat 5pm-5am.



Location: Dlouhá 18, Old Town. website


Solidní nejistota

Location: Pštrossova 21, New Town. website


Double Trouble

Location: Melantrichova 17, Prague 1, website


Zlatý strom

Nice place with an illuminated dance floor attracting young Czech teenagers.

Location: Karlova 6, Old Town. website


Music club N11

N11 is medium-sized club with several bars, restaurant and DJs who play a popular mix of pop, rock and reggae.

Location: Národní 11, Old Town. website


Lucerna Music Bar

A traditional venue located near Wenceslas Square, Lucerna Music Bar & Club is the best 80’s club in Prague. It hosts all sorts of popular Czech bands and concerts during the week. On Friday and Saturday nights there are usually 80’s and 90’s parties accompanied by music videos. (read more)

Location: Vodičkova 36, New Town. website


Lavka Bar & Club

Lavka is a good place for a drink and a dance during cold winter nights, and on hot summer evenings it is the best spot for night outs with everything in one place. Located on the banks of the River Vltava, next to Charles Bridge, it offers a beautiful view of Prague Castle with party music attracting everyone on the dance floor. (read more)

Location: Novotneho Lavka 1, Old Town, Prague 1, website


Futurum Club

This is a club with a difference, during the week the club attracts jazz and soul listeners, and sometimes even features film screenings or record launches. Though, the club usually gets busier on the weekends with a mix of old and new music hits. Futurum is open from 9pm – 3am. (read more)

Location: Zborovska 7, Prague 5 Smichov, website



Palác Akropolis Prague

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