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Dancing House – Tancici Dum

The Dancing House, nicknamed ‘Fred and Ginger’, is an office building in downtown Prague. It was built in 1997 by Croatian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunic in co-operation with American architect Frank Gehry. It was built on a vacant riverfront plot, next to a building owned by Czech playwright and former president Vaclav Havel, whose strong support for avant-garde architecture was instrumental in getting the controversial design approved and built. Known in Czech as Tancici dum (‘the Dancing House’), the house vaguely resembles a pair of dancers and stands out, without clashing with the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings that Prague is famous for. There is a highly-rated French restaurant on the roof with magnificent views. The building’s tenants include several multinational firms.

Location: Rasinovo nabrezi 80 (take tram 17 or 21).

Dancing House

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