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Drivers of hybrids in Prague park in blue zones for one hundred a year

Owners of hybrid cars will be able to park in paid areas in Prague for 100 crowns a year, as is the case with electromobiles. The reason is the city’s efforts to improve air quality. Cars will have to meet three conditions, including the maximum age of the car. It results from the material that will be discussed by the Prague councilor.

When paid parking fees begin to apply, it is not mentioned in the document. People can park an electric car for a hundred a year. The annual fee for residents for a car with an internal combustion engine is 1200 crowns. According to the new proposal, combustion and electric motor hybrids should therefore be subject to the same discount as pure electric cars.

“The pollution caused by car transport still fails to decrease satisfactorily. One possible solution is a higher proportion of cars using environmentally friendly types of drive train. Nowadays, it’s primarily about cars that use electricity, “the material writes.

Owners of hybrid cars at the office register their car and pay a 100% charge. They can then park at their place of permanent residence in anywhere in the paid parking area.

However, hybrid cars will have to meet three conditions. It must be possible to switch them to a purely electric drive, the capacity of the internal combustion engine will not exceed 135 kW and the vehicle shall not be older than ten years from the date of first registration. If the conditions are met, the car owner will have to prove it to the City Hall.

The zones appeared in modern form for the first time in 1996 in the part of Prague 1, where the effort to regulate transport was evident in 1982. Subsequently, they were extended to whole Prague 1, 2, 3 and 7 and part of Prague 16. From the present day they operate in Prague 5, 6 and 8 and from July 1 this year should be extended to Prague 4.

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