Electricity and Adapters

Electricity in the Czech Republic is 220V and AC 50Hz.

Make sure your appliances like shavers, hairdryers, curling irons, camera chargers, laptops, etc. have a switch to change the voltage to 220. All sockets have two round female contacts (live left) and round blanking/grounding protecting pin in the middle of the top. If you don’t have an adapter you can often purchase one at the airport when you arrive (plugs and adapters are hard to find in Prague shops, so be prepared and buy it at the airport or before you arrive). If you are visiting from North America you will need a transformer as North America works on 110V and 50 cycles and Europe works on 220V. To see a picture of Czech outlet  – click here.

Czech Plugs

Can I bring my computer (laptop) to Prague?

Most laptops (all new laptops made in around the last six years) are manufactured with the idea in mind that they might one day be used in another continent and so their power adapters are made to work on both voltage cycles. Look at your power adapter to see if it says 110-240 V. This means the laptop will work just fine without a step-down transformer. Incidentally, many digital cameras work the same way.


  1. Is this plug also known as a Schuko Plug?

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