and Exchange 8 – the best Czech exchange offices in Prague centre and Exchange 8 in Prague centre differ from other exchange offices more than you can imagine. Of course everybody is interested in the price for which money is sold or bought. And here we experienced our first pleasant surprise.

Money Exchange Prague

The office exchange lists are updated several times a day and the newest versions are immediately presented on the exchange office web pages. A client never pays more than is necessary.

And this is not all – there are no other sale or purchase fees added to the rate published on their web pages – a fact which makes the exchange rate so vague with other exchange offices. You buy or sell just for the rate you verify on the exchange website just before the operation.

But there are even more advantages. If you change a higher amount, you will receive a VIP client card which will give you a better rate on future exchanges. The VIP exchange rate is also published on the exchange office website.

For operations above CZK 300,000 you can even have an individual rate of exchange. Neither VIP nor individual exchange rates have any fees added. The business hours of the exchange office are also a pleasant surprise, and in this respect it further overtakes all banks. You will not find a closed door here.

You will find the Exchange 8 8 in Žatecka Street just next to Kaprova Street and the directly at the corner of Kaprova Street close to Old Town Square. You cannot miss it because of its brilliant colour. Another pleasant surprise in the exchange office: friendly, quick, helpful and exclusively Czech staff (English speaking).

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