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Forward Planning

Prague is very popular, which means that the streets around the main sights are jam-packed with tourists for much of the year. The best times to visit, in terms of weather, are May and September. The winter months can be very chilly in Prague.

Prague isn’t a city that requires the visitor to do extra planning or make bookings.

Prague is busy nearly the whole year except January and February, probably the quietest months of the year. But even though Prague is a popular destination, Prague has many hotels and other facilities to accommodate crowds of tourists. Even if you do not make a booking and show up on the day, but it is still much more recommended that you do your research and book your bed before your arrival, at least when it comes to the price.

  • Generally, most tourist attractions aren’t ticketed, and in most cases, you have to buy tickets just on the day.
  • When it comes to booking restaurants, usually it is fine if you phone one or two days in advance, or even on the morning of the same day. The exception might be during New Year’s holidays, Valentine’s Day or Easter holidays, when one week in advance should be sufficient.
  • If you travel to Prague with some low-cost airlines, it is probably the only part of your trip where earlier means cheaper, in terms of advance ticket booking.

What to Pack

Almost everything you’re likely to need, including toiletries, medicines and cosmetics, are very easily available in Prague. Casual clothing should suit most occasions. In summer, take lightweight clothing but be prepared for showers and bring a warm layer in case it’s cool in the evenings. In spring and autumn, a coat or thick jacket is advisable. In winter, pack in some warm clothes because it can be freezing, and temperatures are usually below 0° C. Because Prague’s weather is fairly damp and unpredictable; umbrellas, raincoats and windcheaters are needed almost throughout the year to protect yourself from the sudden downpours (but can even be purchased from the many stores once you arrive).

Travel Adapter Plug

The Czech Republic has standard European outlets with 220 Volts. If you are bringing a phone charger or digital camera charger, make sure you buy a European plug or adapter.

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