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Gallery Jakubska Alexandr Onishenko

One of the most successful artists in the Czech Republic came to this country with few possessions and began selling his work, alongside the other artists on the Charles Bridge.

Alexandr Onishenko, Ukrainian by birth, was not there long. The quality of his work shone out he was offered exhibitions in the Czech Republic and Germany, France, Spain, U.K., USA, etc. Onishenko quickly went on to open his own gallery where you can see his new impressionist paintings.

He breathes life into even inanimate objects giving them a vibrancy and personality of their own. One can explore his landscapes, see around corners in his forests, fly with his birds, gallop with horses, explore Gothic courtyards or soar with him over the rooftops of Prague. Onishenko’s paintings are full of energy and, although impressionist in style, rich in detail. His are not one-dimensional canvases; one can return to them repeatedly, each time discovering new depths and hidden secrets.

Gallery Jakubska

Come and see Alexandr Onishenko’s remarkable paintings at Galerie Jakubská.

Galerie Jakubska

Address: Jakubska 4, Prague 1; www.galeriejakubska.com
Tel: + 420 224 827 926
Open daily 10:00-18:00 except Sunday


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