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Gay and Lesbian Scene in Prague

What Is the Gay and Lesbian Scene Like in Prague?

It’s not very large or very upfront. The majority of Czechs don’t like or are not accustomed to seeing same-sex affection in public. Recently the Government approved same-sex marriage, but it is still recommended to keep relations discreet. Prague has a lively, varied gay scene; you will find gay bars and dance clubs for a specific audience (like leather bars, rent boy bars, older audience, and a younger crowd). There has been no Gay Pride in Prague until now. Note that the age of consent is 15, whatever your sexual orientation. 

Guy and lesbian locations in Prague: Mostly Vinohrady and neighbouring Zizkov.

Gays Do Like Prague

In the newly recreated Czech Republic, the magical and majestic ‘golden city of Prague has come of age as a world-class gay hotspot. The uninhibited Czechs legalized homosexuality way back in 1961, and today there’s a thriving gay scene with easily approachable young men. With its spectacular sights and inspiring combination of old and new, this tolerant city situated on the Vltava river offers a mesmerizing mix of splendid architecture, from the medieval era to the centuries when Prague was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, to the baroque excess of the Hapsburgs and the gilded age of the 19th century when Prague gloried in its wealth and culture. Mercifully, the city escaped destruction during World War II. Though the Communist era was an architectural low point, the financial constraints of the Soviet-era revisionists prevented wholesale damage to the wonderful old structures that sat waiting to be renovated when the Czech and Slovak peoples finally broke free in 1989. Since those heady days of the Velvet Revolution, Prague has been at the centre of a cultural and financial facelift that promises a better future for this still somewhat edgy society of over 10 million people. Despite low wages and difficult adjustments to a market economy, the city’s shop-lined streets and crowded restaurants bustle with activity.

Gay-Friendly Venues

Alcatraz mujalkac.webnode.cz

Bar 21 www.klub21.cz

Café Café  www.cafe-cafe.cz

Club Termix www.club-termix.cz

Drake’s www.drakes.cz

Escape escapeclub.com

Friends www.friendsprague.cz

JampaDampa www.jampadampa.cz

On Club www.onclub.cz

Radost FX www.radostfx.cz

Saints Bar www.saintsbar.cz

Sauna Babylonia www.saunababylonia.cz

Sauna Bonbon www.saunabonbon.cz

Temple (formerly Pinocchio) www.clubtemple.net

Gay-Friendly Venues
Alcatraz mujalkac.webnode.cz
Bar 21 www.klub2l.cz
Café Café www.cafe-cafe.cz
Club Termix www.club-termix.cz
Drake’s www.drakes.cz
Erra www.cafeerra.cz
Escape www.escapeprague.eu
Friends www.friendsprague.cz
JampaDampa www.jampadampa.cz
On Club www.onclub.cz
Radost FX www.radastfx.cz
Saints Bar www.saintsbar.cz
Sauna Babylonia www.saunababylonia.cz
Sauna Bonbon www.saunabonbon.cz
Sauna Marco www.saunamarco.cz
Temple (formerly Pinocchio) www.clubtemple.net
Tingl Tangl www.tingltangl.c

Other Resources

prague.gayguide.net – gay friendly restaurants and bars in Prague.

Gay Prague



  1. The sauna Babylonia in Martinská Street is not a fitness centre, as it should be according to the lease contract. In fact it offers sexual services to gays. In the discussion forums on various gay servers, people say openly that sexual activities take place there, and in its video booths porn is shown. The problem is that the facility is in a building owned by the magistrate, and for a relatively low rent. According to the valid rules, in municipal premises no erotic services are allowed.

    If you get into the booth and leave it open, you can be sure somebody will come to you. Or you can enter an open booth where there is someone. From the booths there are often heard sounds of oral and anal sex, says the discussion on one gay internet server.


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