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Havlickovy Sady

Havlíčkovy Sady is Prague’s second-largest park and is located directly across from Riegrovy Sady (on a map, not physically) on the other side of Vinohrady, at the border with the Vršovice district. The park’s most notable landmark is the beautiful Villa Gröbe (Grébovka). This wonderful example of a Neo-Renaissance villa was built as a luxury summer house for industrialist Moritz Gröbe in 1871 – 1888. The house stands majestically in a tastefully landscaped, terraced garden on the top of a slope covered with a functioning vineyard. The villa is currently not open to the public, but you can visit the grounds and enjoy a sweeping view of Prague from the hill. There’s a gazebo on the top of the vineyard where you can sit and have wine. The park is large and very nicely designed, so it is a pleasure to walk along its many paths.

Villa Gröbe Prague

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