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How to Travel in Prague: By Bus, Taxi or Rented Car?

People have several transport options in Prague. You can travel by public transport or taxi, you can rent a car, or you can rent a car along with a professional driver. Which variant is the best for whom and in what cases?

Public Transport

Public transport in Prague has a relatively dense network. It is relatively fast and inexpensive for visitors. Most of the inhabitants of Prague use it to commute to work, and tourists are transported to places of interest. On the other hand, this mode of transportation offers several disadvantages. Despite the dense network, some places are hard to reach, especially in the south and on the outskirts of the metropolis. Closures and detours are rampant; waiting times between the lines are long, and some parts of the city, such as the airport, remain neglected. Lines can have delays, and another inconvenience is the rather uncomfortable experience of travelling with luggage. People wearing business clothing usually avoid public transport because clothes tend to get wrinkled and get dirty easily.


Taxis in Prague represent a good option if you need to get from place to place quickly. Local taxi drivers know the traffic situation and know where to go. The downside is their dishonesty which is the subject of wildly circulated stories. There are documented cases, including the one in which a dishonest taxi driver charged nearly CZK 200 per one kilometre of the journey. Therefore this mode of transportation requires being particularly careful.


Renting a car is a service for people who want to travel comfortably and be on time. A journey by car is way more pleasant than public transport, and at the same time, you do not need to worry about dishonest taxi drivers. After a certain mileage, renting a car is even cheaper than a taxi. You can choose a vehicle according to your sole discretion and needs – from the smallest, which can be parked almost anywhere, to luxury, which also serves to represent you. The disadvantage is primarily the price of services, which not everyone can afford. You will also be tormented by the difficult traffic situation and the search for a parking space from time to time. Nevertheless, renting a car pays, especially when you plan to travel at least 20 or more miles per day, and if public transport is out of the question for you.

Renting a Car With a Driver

You will appreciate a car with a driver if you do not want to worry about anything. The driver will pick you up at your preferred location and deliver you according to the agreement. The price is usually negotiated in advance. It’s not just a premium service for the most demanding clients. You will appreciate its practicality even when travelling on vacation and need a transfer to the airport. In some cases, the vehicle with a driver is almost necessary, e.g. when collecting an important business partner.

Real-Life Examples

The advantages and disadvantages of each variant are best illustrated with an example. Imagine you are returning in the morning with your partner from a holiday to the Vaclav Havel Airport, and you are wondering how to get home to Prague 2 as comfortably as possible.

Public transport or taxi? The cheapest vs the most expensive.

Public transport is an option, and it is relatively inexpensive, but you are tired, which would mean at least an hour wandering through Prague. In addition, you will have to carry all your luggage whenever changing the line. On the other hand, with a taxi, you can travel 20 km to your home in half an hour in full comfort. You will pay about CZK 650, assuming that you encounter an honest taxi driver. If you order a taxi in advance, it may become quite expensive if your flight is delayed since the driver will charge you for waiting.

Renting a car or renting a car with a driver?

Renting a car pays if you need not only to get from the airport but if you are going to make more journeys in the upcoming days. Cars with a driver have a fixed rate CZK 550 regardless of the circumstances, such as when you arrive or where you live in Prague and whether your flight is delayed. In comparison with the taxi, this is definitely worth it.

What will you choose?

Public transport is definitely the cheapest way to travel about Prague. At the same time, it is a very uncomfortable way to travel, especially over long distances or with luggage. Therefore it seems an interesting alternative to rent a vehicle with a driver, conveniently taking you to wherever you wish. The service will also be useful in situations such as weddings, corporate events and organizing corporate meetings.

Taxis in Prague do not have a good reputation, yet you may need their services. They are worth using, especially for very short distances. The last option – renting a car – is welcome when you will make several journeys in a row.



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