Is Prague Expensive?

Prague is one of the up and coming destinations in Europe – a city that is enjoyed by millions of tourists every year and a city that is going to only get more and more popular as people realize just how much it has to offer, in terms of entertainment, culture and history. One thing that many people wonder though before they set foot on the plane is just how much Prague costs to spend a vacation in and this is a good question, as the current economic state of the world means that people are increasingly searching for vacations that are cheap yet enjoyable. So what are the facts when it comes to the amount of money you are going to need when visiting Prague?


Firstly, it is important to note that the cost of visiting Prague is relative to the country you are visiting from. For Americans, the cost of visiting Prague is often high, due to the poor exchange rates that they have with the Czech Republic. This means that they will find that everything seems more expensive to them than it would be if, for example, they were from the United Kingdom – a country that has relatively good exchange rates when changing pounds into Czech korunas. Therefore, the first lesson is that prices are relative to the country that you happen to be travelling from.

pastery1.jpgIt is also prudent to mention that, as with every city, prices vary depending on the area that you are in. For those that stick to the well-trodden tourist trail, prices will be high. The owners of the bars, restaurants and shops in these areas know that tourists will pay premium prices and therefore have raised the cost of their goods and services to reflect this – something that is not unreasonable if people pay that much money. If you are looking for lower prices though, then head out of the tourist areas and take a look around places that resident citizens reside in. Due to the fact that they are not used to getting tourists, you will pay only what the locals pay and will also get an insight to how the locals live as well!

So, the answer to whether Prague is expensive really depends on your preferences. If you want to spend lots of money then you certainly can, but if you are going on a shoestring budget then there are still a number of places that you can eat, drink and shop for a lot less than you would be able to in Western Europe or even in North America. As the Czech Republic continues its relentless growth though, expect prices to conform to Western European ones shortly – therefore book your trip to Prague as soon as you can!

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  1. Having visited Prague this week (27.2.2012) armed with the info that things are really cheap,i.e.a 2 course meal with beer for about a fiver we found that things weren’t quite what we expected! Although not over expensive a steak meal for 2 with beer was costing about £24 in a fairly average type of restaurant. However if you wish to have extras like vegetables etc these are all extras
    The cheapest small beer was about £1, and a coffee about £2 each. They do charge extra for milk!
    A day pass on the tram is £4 which is good value. If you catch the 22 tram to the castle area, beware of a restaurant which is situated on the corner and sells mulled wine from outside. If you buy a coffee from this establishment, you may be offered a taste of their local ‘medicine’ from a charming lady salesperson. Then if you accept, you will find a bill for over £20!! Keep your money in your pocket or check the price on the menu first!!! Otherwise a great few days

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