Long Stays in Prague

If you decide to stay longer in Prague then it is a good idea to look for a long-term apartment.

Look for ads in newspapers (Annonce.cz is largest catalogue of classified listings but only in Czech), contact real estate agencies and special agencies offering serviced apartments for long term rentals. You should keep in mind location, transport costs and how long you wish to stay when choosing somewhere to live. Rents vary depending on proximity to the center and whether the flat is furnished or not. A furnished apartment with room, bathroom, living room and kitchen usually costs around 13.000 CZK a month outside of the city centre. If you want to live in the centre then you will probably have to pay double this, around 30.000 CZK. With serviced apartments you can stay for a shorter term, based on daily, weekly or monthly rates. If you wish to rent an apartment from a real estate agency then you will need to sign for a lease of at least for 3 or 6 months and pay an agency fee (usually one month’s rent), plus 1 or 2 months deposit. If renting from a private person you will only need to pay a deposit. If you are staying for at least three months then this would be the best option as it is much cheaper, prices will be around 30 to 40 percent lower compared to staying in serviced sort term apartments. For long term rentals try Prague-ApartmentsPragueHome.com or Spolubydlici.cz



  • AAA BYTY Václavské náměstí 62, tel. 226 060 606/774 333 www.aaabyty.cz. This company can assist you with buying, renting or selling a flat, house and office.
  • European Reality, Praha 1, Václavské Nám. 2 (Euro Palác), tel. 222 21 21 64/603 20 16 76, www.europeanreality.com. Popular letting company for all budgets. Open: 09:00 – 20:00.
  • Prague.craigslist.org – classifieds section where you can find good selection of Prague’s properties for rent.



There is now a reliable housing agency in Prague which can find centrally-located apartments at reasonable cost. Students are advised to share the cost of the apartment with two or three roommates. No long-term lease needs to be signed. For students who are interested in this option, please consult the agency websites:


Want to stay really cheap in Czech Republic?

There are some ways how to stay really cheap. First recommendation is getting as much far as possible from Prague to smaller towns and villages. For example, two bedroom apartment in a small town, where is high unemployment rate, can cost just 150$ a month. That’s huge difference compare to staying in core centre of Prague where you can expect to pay up 10x times more for same apartment. Second option is finding so called “UBYTOVNY“, they’re kind of HOSTELS with two exceptions. They generally carter to poor ones (for some locals and for many from Eastern Europe) and they’re rented on monthly basis. One month can cost you anything from 2800 CZK to 8000 CZK (from 150$ to 420$).


Average prices of apartments in Prague

One room apartment from 7000 CZK
One bedroom apartment + kitchen from 8000 to 15 000 CZK
Double bedroom from 11000 to 16 000 CZK
Three bedroom apartment from 13 000 CZK


Flat-size categories

• 1+KK One room with a kitchen in the same living space, bathrooms are separate
• 1+1  One room with separate kitchen
• 2+KK Bedroom and kitchen/lounge in the same space
• 2+1  Bedroom, living area, and separate kitchen
• 3+1  Two bedrooms, a living area and kitchen


Types of Housing

Činžovní dům: four- or five-storey pre-war buildings, constructed in the 1920s and 1930s. Elevators were often installed in these buildings later; some are still without.

Panelový dům: high-rise apartment buildings built during the communist era. Highly visible and cheap to live in; a lasting reminder of Soviet rule.

Rodinný dům: detached single-family homes.

Vila: sprawling family homes, constructed in the 1920s and 1930s; these days populated by the more wealthy.

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