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Lucerna Music Bar

It is not the best venue in Prague, nor is the music cutting-edge, but if you’re after a cheesy party night, this could be your choice. Lucerna Music Bar is situated in Lucerna passage just a few blocks from the middle part of Wenceslas Square. It belongs among the larger venues in Prague and also among the most significant ones. Lucerna often hosts popular local and foreign bands.

The venue mainly focuses on concerts of live bands, and 80s/90s themed discotheques when most of the music is accompanied by its music videos. The interior of Lucerna is simple and clean but with a historical background. The construction works were initiated in 1907 by the grandfather of the ex-president Vaclav Havel. The prices for drinks are reasonable when you consider the very central location. A large selection of beers, spirits and cocktails is available. The club also offers tickets for a VIP viewing area located upstairs.


Address: Vodickova 36, Wenceslas Square; website

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