Mandarin Oriental

The Prague Mandarin Oriental arose thanks to reconstruction and renovation of former Dominican monastery. Thanks to its articulation and rather small size, this hotel impresses by its hominess and coziness. Many features from the original building thus create an exceptional atmosphere complemented by suitable location in Nebovidska Street not far from the Musical Museum.

The 501 apartment number is hiding a two-floor presidential apartment with huge terrace providing a direct view of the Prague Castle. The upper floor of the apartment thus provides a beautiful view of all the other points of the compass. Modern features along with traditional architecture thus enhance the nice feeling the guest gets from this apartment. A completely marble bathroom is just an icing on the cake.

If you want to spend a night in the Presidential suite you must get EUR 4 000 ready. And who has already chosen this hotel for their stay? Dalai Lama or singers Kylie Minogue and Gwen Stefani.

99 guest rooms including 22 suites, many with architectural features giving an unmistakable sense of the building’s history. Each guest room has its own entrance foyer and is individually distinctive in size & layout. Individual features include high ceilings, some vaulted and some arched. Others have tall windows through which shafts of light pour through, spilling over the original parquet flooring polished over hundreds of years. Room facilities includes: Extremely sophisticated audio visual equipment, LCD high definition televisions and High Speed Internet Connections. Limestone bathrooms, with heated floors are created as private spas and equipped with rejuvenating aromatherapy essential oils and balms.

You can choose from some wonderful views; over Baroque churches, the medieval spires of Prague Castle or the tranquillity of our own Courtyard Garden. Immerse yourself in historic Prague and the distinctive luxury of Mandarin Oriental.

Mandarin Oriental in Prague Room

Mandarin Hotel Bathroom

Mandarion Oriental Prague Castle

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