Maps of Prague

You can buy maps of Prague in bookshops, newsagents, hotels and tourist information offices. The best maps you can buy are printed by Kartografie Praha and are called Plan Mesta Prahy. They come in different formats depending on how much detail they contain, so you should choose one appropriate to the length of time you plan to spend in the city. These maps include street details, information about transport, parking, historical sites and metro services. If you don’t need a very detailed map and will be mostly visiting just the top tourist attractions a free map with the pamphlet, Welcome to Czech Republic, might be sufficient; this is distributed through PIS (Prague Tourist Information offices). They also offer other free maps with brochures, so take advantage of this; don’t buy maps of Prague before you go, just get one free at a Prague Tourist Office or download PDF version here. You can also buy Prague maps online at Amazon.

There are quite a few online maps of Prague and the Czech Republic not forgetting the maps on almighty You can also try Czech online map

The city is divided into 15 zones (Prague 1, Prague 2, etc.) which at first glance appear to be randomly dispersed. A closer look shows that they follow a very rough clockwise spiral outward from Prague 1. Many of these numbered zones contain smaller neighbourhoods, whose names are used more frequently than the neighbourhood numbers (Stare Mesto, Mala Strana, Vinohrady, etc).

Prague Map

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Tourist Offices

(where you can get free Prague Maps)

Czech Tourist Authority
(Česká centrála cestovního ruchu) Vinohradská 46, 12041 Praha 2

Prague Information Service (Pražská informační služba PIS)
Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall), Staroměstské náměstí, Praha 1
t. 224 482 202
(Mon–Fri 8-7 Staroměstská Metro)

Hlavní nádraží (Main Railway Sation) Wilsonova, Praha 1
(Apr–Oct Mon–Fri 9-7, Sat–Sun 9-4; Nov–Mar Mon–Fri 9-6, Sat–Sun 9-3
(Hlavní nádraží metro)

Malostranská Mostecká vez, (Lesser Town Tower), Mostecká, Praha 1
Apr–Oct daily 10-6
Malostranská Metro

Prague Tourist Centre
Celetná 14, Karlova 1, Národní 4, Nerudova 4 (all Praha 1)
Daily 9-8
Staroměstská Metro

Prague Map

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