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Moderate Restaurants in Prague


Here you will find Italian pasta fresca. It is a reliable eatery in the city’s centre, but you will find better noodles elsewhere. There is a lively atmosphere. Recommended are cotoletta do agnello con spinaci, filetto ala griglia and fettuccine al salmone.

Location: Celetná 11, Old Town, website Open: daily 11 am until midnight (café open 9 am until midnight)
Price range: 300-500 CZK.


This is very nearly Tex-Mex with a colourful, good-time setting for fabulous fajitas and good margaritas. It is always a-buzz, so book ahead.

Location: Újezd 38, Lesser Town, website
Open: daily noon until midnight
Price range: 300-500 CZK.

Chez Marcel

This is a French restaurant and is a brassiere popular with locals and ‘ex-pats’. Recommended are daily specials, pepper steak and pate.

Location: Haštalská 12, Old Town, website
Phone: 231 5676
Open: Mon-Fri 8am-1 am; weekends 9am-1 am (kitchen open noon until 11pm)
Price range: 200-500 CZK.


This has recently been named Prague’s best new restaurant by Conde Nast Traveller. It boasts the best gnocchi in town, Italian or otherwise.

Location: Platnéřská 9, Old Town
Open: daily 11 am until midnight
Price range: 300-450 CZK.

U Kalicha (At the Chalice)

Here you will find Czech food. The Good Soldier Svejk made a date with a friend here for ‘six in the evening after the war’. It has lots of atmospheres and standard Czech fare. 

Location: Na Bojišti 12-14, Prague 2, website
Open: daily 11 am-3pm and 5-10 pm.
Price range: 350-500 CZK.

U Kalicha restaurant

Poslední štace (The Last Resort)

This is a casual, modish grill bar in the heart of Old Town with good food and better face-time.

Location: Dlouhá 7, Old Town
Open: daily 11 am-2 am
Price range: 300-600 CZK.

Red Hot & Blues

This is your best bet for Cajun, Tex-Mex and American all in one. There is brunch at weekends and live music nightly. Recommended are eggplant creole and bourbon pork.

Location: Jakubská 12, Old Town (behind the Kotva department store)
Open: daily 9 am-11 pm
Price range: 300-450 CZK.

Solidní nejistota (Solid Uncertainty)

Here you have a new twist on the bar and grill. Grilled specialities offer excellent value. It is all very trendy.

Location: Pštrossova 21, New Town (behind the National Theatre.), website
Open: daily 11 am-1 am
Price range: 200-400 CZK.


It is a steak house in a very nice decorated cellar just a few metres from Old Town Square. Part of it is also a trendy bar, and the kitchen stays open late (2 am).

Location: Kozí 3, Old Town, websiteOpen: daily noon until 4 am
Price range: 300-500 CZK.


These restaurants specialise in seafood dishes only. Fresh fish, lobster and other varieties of seafood are flown in daily to offer you the widest choice and then cooked to your precise instructions.

In the summer, you can dine on an outside terrace.  
Location: Týn 5, Old Town (close to the Church of Our Lady of Týn), website
Open: daily 11 am until midnight.

U Provaznice

This is Czech with an old pub atmosphere bordering on the zany. You will find good beer, good prices and a good location. Recommended is goulash, ‘the rope maker’s beautiful wife’s platter’, and pear strudel.

Location: Provaznická 3, Old Town (near Můstek), website
Open: daily 10.30am until midnight
Price range: 200-400 CZK.

U Rychtáře

U Rychtáře is just off Old Town Square. You will find pasta, pizzas, and fish and vegetarian dishes in abundance. The restaurant is separate from the next-door pub Pivnice U Rychtáře.

Location: Dlouhá 2, Old Town
Open: daily 11am-11pm
Price range: 200-300 CZK.

U Tří zlatých hvězd

This offers Czech dishes. The menu adds a touch of class to the standard dishes. Romantics should request a table in the pastel-toned downstairs room with its private nooks and quiet corners.

Location: Malostranské náměstí 8, Lesser Town, website
Open: daily 11.30am-11.30pm
Price range: 400-500 CZK.

Občanská Plovárna

This is a work of art on the Vltava riverfront. You will find marvellous food, drink and service.

Location: U Plovárny 8, Prague 1 (below Letná park).  website
Open: daily 11am-11pm
Price range: around 250 to 500 CZK.

Beware: If you dine (especially in cheaper restaurants), check the bill carefully as overcharging is not uncommon, although it is not something you would experience in well- known restaurants.

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