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New Year’s Eve in Prague

During the New Year’s celebrations, there are many things to choose from, no matter what age you are or what your tastes are. Here we bring you some suggestions:

New Year’s Eve in Style and New Year’s Day

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style, go to the theatre or opera; you will not regret it! Comedies will mostly dominate the boards on the last day of the year. The National Theatre in Prague will produce a comedy opera by Gaetano Donizetti, “The Elixir of Love”, on New Year’s Eve; Jiří Myron Theatre in the town of Ostrava has prepared a performance for its visitors called “New Year’s Eve” (Silvestr) including an operetta and musical. You will enjoy an evening in style at the Prague State Opera, where you will welcome in the New Year with the music and smile of Johann Strauss’s “Bat” (Die Fledermaus). After the performance, you will be able to dance on stage to the music of a swing orchestra and enjoy mouth-watering delicacies.

Follow the Party Crowds at Prague’s Squares

Like every year, a New Year’s Eve fun programme with a number of celebrities and fireworks will take place on many Czech squares. Right in the centre of Prague, you can celebrate on Old Town Square, waiting for midnight with a cup of mead or mulled wine or beer in your hands, watching various shows, and not forgetting to mention a huge screen which will keep you up to date. Another lavish programme will also be prepared for the feast night on Wenceslas Square.

However, the best fireworks will be displayed the day after, on New Year’s Day, when you can enjoy a wonderful stroll along the waterfront on the first day of the year. The fireworks will light up the sky right above the River Vltava at around 6 pm.

Dance in the New Year

In case you don’t like to be freezing outside on a square, almost every club and disco offers a rich line-up for New Year’s Eve. You will definitely not be disappointed in Ostrava’s Stodolní Street, a street that never sleeps and is full of clubs, bars and discos. In Prague, you can enjoy your night in the Roxy Club, Lucerna Music Bar, Lávka Club or Sasazu, among many others.

Tip: Hire a stretch limousine and enjoy the Prague celebrations in great style.

New Year's in Prague

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