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Parking in Prague

Most parts of central Prague have meter zones with fees from 30 CZK to 120 CZK per hour (or you can arrange a long-term parking permit). There are some car parks close to metro stations plus underground car parks. To reduce congestion in the city, Park&Ride parking places are used on the outskirts of Prague (at the following metro stations: Line A: station Skalka; Line B: stations Zlicin, Nové Butovice, Palmovka, Rajská Zahrada, Cerny Most; Line C: stations Nádrazí Holesovice, Ládví, Opatov). The parking fee here is significantly lower than parking in the city; just 10 CZK for as long as you like, and the car parks are guarded.

While parked, however, it’s advisable to keep valuables locked away and out of sight of would-be thieves. The roads are in reasonably good condition, and petrol is affordable.

Penalties for Illegal Parking

If you park your car illegally, you are very likely to get a penalty or so-called “boot on your vehicle”, or it will be towed away. Then you will have to pay the penalty and also the vehicle‘s towing away fee.

If your car has been towed away, inform the Police (158), tell them the number plate of the car, and they will find out where your car is. 

Public Parking Zones in Prague Centre

Prague districts Prague 1, 2, 3 and 7 are divided into 3 parking zones – orange, green and blue. Anyone violating the bellow rules risks that a car can be pulled away!

Orange Zone
Maximum parking time is limited to up to 2 hours. Charges: 40 CZK per hour, 10 CZK per 15 minutes (the minimum time is 15 minutes). The zone is effective from 08.00 to 18.00.

Green Zone

Maximum parking time is limited to up to 6 hours. Charges: 30 CZK per hour, 15 CZK per 30 minutes, or a lump sum of 120 CZK per 6 hours. The zone is effective from 08.00 to 18.00. Both zones are equipped with coin-operated parking meters that take coin values CZK 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50. Operating instructions are attached to the parking meters.

Blue Zone

Long-term parking zones designed solely for residents of Prague 1 or companies based in this district. Only vehicles with a parking permit can park here.

P&R Parking

To reduce traffic congestion in Prague, the traffic authorities have provided a Park&Ride system to encourage people to leave their cars in the outskirts of Prague and take public transport to the centre (metro, trams). These guarded parking places are not only safe but are very cheap; it costs only 10 CZK regardless of how long you leave your car (available from 04.00 until 01.00 the next day, 100 CZK overnight).

Park&Ride parking sites are located at the major metro stations:

line A, station Skalka
line B, station Zlicin
line B, station Nove Butovice
line B, station Palmovka
line B, station Rajska zahrada
line B, station Cerny Most
line C, station Nadrazi

Public Parking Garages

Prague 1, namesti Jana Palacha (J. Palach Square)
Prague 1, Ostrovni (Narodni divadlo)
Prague 1, nam. Republiky 8 (Shopping mall Kotva)
Prague 1, V Celnici 7, hotel Renaissance
Prague 1, V Celnici 8, hotel Prague Marriott
Prague 1, namesti Curieovych (hotel InterContinental)
Prague 1, Opletalova 9 (at Wenceslas Square-Vaclavske nam.)
Prague 1, Bolzanova (Main Railway Station-Hlavni nadrazi)
Prague 2, Wilsonova (at the State Opera)
Prague 2, Vaclavska
Prague 2, Vinohradska (palac Flora)
Prague 3, Taboritska (hotel Olsanka)
Prague 3, Vinohradska (hotel Don Giovanni)
Prague 4, Milevska (hotel Corinthia Panorama)
Prague 4, 5. kvetna 65 (Kongresove centrum)
Prague 4, Kongresova 1 (hotel Corinthia Towers)
Prague 5, Bozdechova (Zlaty Andel)
Prague 5, Radlicka 1 (Andel City Hotel)
Prague 6, Evropska (Hotel Diplomat) 

Guarded Parking Lots

Prague 1, Wilsonova (Hlavni nadrazi – Main Railroad Station)
Prague 1, V Celnici
Prague 1, Na Florenci (areal Masarykova nadrazi-Masarikovo Railway Station)
Prague 1, Malostranske namesti (Lesser Town Square)
Prague 1, Tesnov (At the Ministry of Agriculture CR)
Prague 2, Skretova
Prague 2, Karlovo namesti (At the new City Hall by the church St. Ignace-Novomestske radnice a u kostela sv. Ignace)
Prague 2, Tylovo namesti (Tylovo Square)
Prague 2, Budecska (at the commercial center Pavilion-u obchodniho centra Pavilon)
Prague 3, Olsanska
Prague 3, W. Churchill Square
Prague 3, Seifertova, at the crossroad with Italska
Prague 4, Na Pankraci (at Pankrac Square)
Prague 4, Budejovicka (at the shopping centre Prior)
Prague 4, Dvorecke namesti
Prague 4, Hraskeho (at metro red line C, Chodov)
Prague 5, namesti 14. rijna (14. October Square)
Prague 6, U Prasneho mostu (At Prasny Bridge)
Prague 7, Partyzanska (HolesoviceRailway Station)
Prague 7, U Vystaviste (at the Exhibition Grounds)

Coach Parking Lots

Prague 1, Wilsonova (the Main Railway Station)
Prague 3, Jana Zelivskeho (Nákladové nadrazí Zizkov)
Prague 4, Kongresové centrum (Congress Centre)
Prague 5, Na Knízecí
Prague 6, Strahov,Vaníckova
Prague 7, nabrezí E. Benese (under the bridge – Stefánikuv most)
Prague 7, Na Spejcharu
Prague 7, Letenská plan
Prague 8, Rohanské nábrezí
Prague 8, Na Florenci
Prague 8, Tesnov (near Opera hotel)

Coach Drop Off / Pickup Zones

parking permitted for 10 minutes only

Prague 1, Dlabacov
Prague 1, Keplerova
Prague 1, Jelení
Prague 1, Mariánské hradby
Prague 1, nábrezí E. Benese (under the bridge – Cechuv most)
Prague 1, Na Florenci
Prague 1, U Bruskych Kasáren
Prague 1, Wilsonova (the Main Railway Station)
Prague 2, Resslova
Prague 4, Kongresové centrum
Prague 5, Vitezná (Most Legii)
Prague 6, Milady Horákové (Na Valech Street)

Parking in Prague




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