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Most casinos in Prague are open from evening until early morning and some do not even close at all. Minimum bets start at 1 $ or 20 CZK. Some offer free drinks for players. You will need to be over 18 and obviously well-dressed, and have some ID to show.

Prague Casino

Ambassador Casino

Roulette, black jack, punto banco, poker and slot machines.

Location: Wenceslas Square 5-7, Prague 1
Open: non-stop. (Read more)


Casino Monaco

You can play roulette, black jack and poker here.

Location: Kongresová 1, Prague 4. (Read more)


Casino Panorama

Inside Corinthia Panorama Hotel is a casino where you can try your luck with roulette, black jack, poker and slot machines.

Location: Milevská 7
Open: 8pm-4am. (Read more)


Casino Expo Club

They play roulette and black jack here.

Location: Parkhotel, Veletržní 20.


Casino de Prague Le Hilton – Casino Atrium

You can play roulette, black jack, punto banco and poker (Golden Prague Poker) here.

Location: Hotel Hilton Prague, Pobrežní 1
Open: 2pm-6am. (Read more)


Casino Millenium

Here you can play roulette, black jack, punto banco, poker and slot machines.

Location: Marriott Hotel, V Celnici 10
Open: 3pm-4am. (Read more)


Casino Bohemia

This is Prague’s first casino where luck can be tempted with roulette, black jack or a poker.

Location: Prague Congress Centrum, 5. května 65
Open: 5pm-5am. (Read more)


Spearmint Casino

Spearmint Casino is an English-style casino with the highest limits in Prague. Roulette, pontoon, black jack, poker and slot machines are played here. Free transport to the casino is also offered.

Open: 4pm-5am; Mon and Tue 5pm-5am
Location: U Plovárny 8. (Read more)


Casino Palais Savarin

Poker, black jack and American/touch bet roulette are played here, and there is a slot machine room

Location: Na Příkopě 10. (Read more)


Casino Duplex

Location: Wenceslas Square 21
Open: non-stop.


Banco Casino

Location: Na Příkopě 27
Open: non-stop. (Read more)


Casino Happy Day

This casino has two locations; one is situated in Wenceslas Square and the other in Parziska. American roulette, poker, blackjack and slots are available.

Open: non-stop

Happy Casino Prague

Did you know? Many Czechs are addicted to hazard games and indulge in playing in Prague’s Casinos.

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