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Prague Best Tours

If you want to see Prague in all its glory, your best option is to walk around it, and this means that you should definitely look into joining a walking tour of the city; they provide loads of information on the key sights, while also making sure that you don’t miss anything when you’re in the city. There are many different companies offering tours in Prague, but below are some of the best…

Prague Free Tours

If you are on a tight budget, taking a free tour is the perfect way to keep your costs as low as possible. They are usually conducted by younger Czechs from the city – although they are still very knowledgeable – and have meeting points throughout the town, most notably the Old Town, New Town and Lesser Town. They happen every day and begin at 10:30 am and 1:45 pm, starting from outside Starbucks on Old Town Square. You’ll be able to find them easily, as all the guides wear red t-shirts. The same company also offers a tour of Prague Castle, but this costs 300 CZK. If you want to see the castle for free, join the Prague Airport Transfers Free Walking Tour, which lasts for four hours and starts at 11 am from Old Town Square. You must have a voucher to join this tour, though. Try to avoid other free tour groups, as they virtually insist on being tipped at the end.

Prague Tours, Walks and Excursions

Praguer.com is the oldest provider of walking tours in Prague, and their groups can be seen all over the city, usually being led by someone holding an umbrella straight in the air. They offer some different tours, but the best is the Ultimate Route, which takes you for a six-hour tour, encompassing transport by tram and boat, as well as on foot. You’ll even get free refreshments and a three-course meal at a popular Czech restaurant. It costs 1,200 CZK per person and leaves at 10:30 am from Wenceslas Square. For more info, visit www.praguertours.com. For a similar alternative, try the Superior Tour of Prague instead, which costs 770 CZK and is offered by Prague Airport Transfers – it also includes a romantic cruise down the river in the price!

Self-Guided Tours

Many people don’t like being part of a group, limiting where they can go and how long they can spend in places. If this sounds like you, your best bet is to go on your own self-guided tour. You can look through our recommended tours on this site and print out the route that you like the look of, or you can jump on Tram no.22 and head to the Lesser Town and the Castle instead.

Ghost Tours

Prague is full of stories about ghosts and other paranormal activity, and to complement this perfectly, there are loads of ghost tours offered by companies in the city! Walking down the cobbled streets and lanterns burn above your head, you won’t be able not to feel a slight tingle run up your spine. McGee’s Ghost Tours is probably the biggest in the town, and they offer a number of tours, such as Ghost Tours & Legends, Prague Castle After Dark, Haunted Pubs Walk and Haunted History of the Bridge. The first of these is the most popular and last for about an hour: it starts at 7 pm, 9 pm and 10:15 pm from June to September and costs 300 CZK per person. For more information, visit www.mcgeesghosttours.com. Although there are loads of other similar companies, this is the best one and, you never know, you might even see a real ghost!

The Pub Crawl

The Golden City is the perfect place for anyone who loves a few beers and loves to party in an authentic Czech atmosphere. The Prague Pub Crawl offers the chance to head to four different pubs and a nightclub, while also ensuring that you are safe in a group. It’s only available for those aged 18 and upwards, and more information can be found at www.pubcrawl.cz.

Prague By Segway

Although there are several different Segway tour operators in Prague, the best is probably Prague Segway Tours, which always has friendly guides and small groups. These tours will mean that you get to cover more ground than a walking tour and also ensure that you don’t have aching feet at the end of the day. Each tour has an English-speaking guide and lasts about 3 hours. The City Segway Tour leaves at 9 am and 2 pm, while the Sunset Segway Tour departs at 7 pm – both cost 1,490 CZK per person. If you want a private tour, this is also an option. Their website is www.prague-segway-tours.com, where you can find more info about their services.

Jewish Quarter Tour

Prague’s Jewish Town is a significant area, with a rich and often moving history. If you take the tour of the area run by Whitman Tours, you’ll find out all about the customs, legends, and traditions of this neighbourhood and learn about the history of the area. It costs 880 CZK and lasts for two and a half hours, and you’ll also gain access to all sites owned by the Jewish Museum with this fee. more info

Bus Tours

There are loads of things to see in Prague, so many people often opt for a bus tour to cram as much stuff into their day as possible. Two of the best bus tour companies are Martin Tour and Premiant City Tour. Martin Tour also allows the private rental of an open-topped bus, along with a driver, so that you don’t have to brave the streets of the city on your own. Bus tours in Prague are generally not very good on the whole – even the Hop On Hop Off red bus tour – so it is better to join a walking tour. This will mean that you don’t risk getting stuck in a traffic jam for ages!



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Free Prague Walking Tour

During the 4-hour walking tour of Prague, you will be introduced to the most interesting and significant historical sites in Prague, such as the Jewish Quarter, the historical buildings of the Old Town and the renowned Charles Bridge, before finishing off at the Prague Castle.