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Prague Boardwalks Will Get a New Look

The boardwalk between Vyton and The Dancing House will get new galleries, cafeterias and toilets before next summer. Municipal authorities in Prague will build them in the dungeons, which used to serve as warehouses. Nevertheless, visitors can expect new benches and smart trashcans at the boardwalk under Rasin’s waterfront during this year.

The boardwalks change into a place of social contact in the tourist season, and thousands of people visit them. That is the reason Prague councilmen agreed upon its necessary revitalization. “The boardwalks had a different function in the past, and now it is necessary to adapt them to the current needs,” says Prague city mayor Adriana Krnacova. Approved studies include a reconstruction of all the dungeons at Rasin’s waterfront with the revitalization of the surrounding areas.

Entrances to dungeons will be circular and will open diagonally. According to anti-flood measurements, they should withstand a so-called “hundred-year flood.” The workers will create barriers there, so that water from the Vltava river will not be able to enter the dungeons. Galleries, cafeterias, and especially public toilets will be built inside the dungeons because there is a lack of toilets around the boardwalk currently.

“I want to lift the area up not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also functionally, and that is why this year we plan to place new benches, specially designed for the boardwalks, at Rasin’s waterfront. We will also test the working of smart trashcans and smart lamps there,” the city mayor adds. Change and revitalization of other Prague boardwalks will follow. The reconstruction will start this autumn (2017) and should be finished at the beginning of the next summer season in 2018.

Prague boardwalks are an irreplaceable part of life in the capital city. They are in areas of the city that are protected historical zones. Nowadays, they serve shipping companies and are also used for leisure activities, cultural events, gastronomic showcases, sporting competitions, and other various events. The main cycling route is along the right side of the bank, which thousands of people use every day.



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