Prague Hair Stylists

saloon.jpgWith Prague continuing its’ journey towards recognition as the best capital city in the world, greater numbers of hair dressers are appearing in the City to find their fortune and Czech hair salons are very competitive with better customer care and a bigger array of services. The hair stylists at Prague’s premier salons will be fluent in English, although you will pay for this privilege; around one thousand to two thousand CZK for a hair-cut and style and a minimum of an extra one thousand CZK for colouring. Top choices amongst the Czech celebrity & fashion editors are ‘Salon Unique’ by Petra Méchurová and Oskar, Libor Šula and ‘Portrait’ by Michal Zapoměl. They’re also hair-salon branches such as: Cut & Colour, Haircity and Klier at every shopping mall which offer very good quality styling, also, for more cost-effective prices. For a real bargain, go to some Prague suburbs and, if you aren’t bothered about having wet hair when you leave the salon, decline the blow-drying to reduce your bill.

Examples of foreign owned hair-dressers are: Mark Weston at Trichomania, a hair-dresser who’s crafted his own array of products, and the people of James Hair who focus on Japanese straightening. To get a trim from a stylist who speaks fluent English but who will charge less than one thousand CZK, we recommend Mark Phillip, Madrý Slon and Head. Filip Gregor is another who offers a cheaper blow out (about three hundred and fifty czk). Usually at the more expensive end of things, ‘Cheap and Chic Tuesday’ at Toni & Guy’s draws in clients with seven hundred and fifty CZK hair-cuts. Martha’s Inspiration will do weaves, braids and black hair, and Dayla Ferguson is a mobile stylist from the US who will trim your hair for under five hundred CZK and has built her business purely by word of mouth.


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