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Prague Has Its Hooters Sexy Restaurant

Hooters sexy girls in very short shorts and sweatshirts in orange and white colours also smile at Czech clients today. The American chain has opened its first restaurant in Eastern Europe in Prague today.


The American owners of the company, who have sold a licence in up to dozens of countries, are particular that everybody eats well in their place and will carry away a strong experience. This is to be ensured by sports broadcasts on screens and by shapely waitresses dressed in tight orange shorts and tight-fitting white sweatshirts.


Petite and tall, with big breasts and less developed ones, blondes and brunettes, everybody will find the right waitress. They all speak English in addition to Czech. When selecting staff, it is their appearance that is decisive and the overall impression, pleasant character, and willingness to display joy and enthusiasm.

Girls will take a customer in the place, accept an order, bring food and drink, and hold
a conversation with the customer about football. But more intimate activities, such as pawing and embracing, are not allowed.

14 American Hooters girls train the Czech and Slovak girls. And they teach them not only to keep smiling and be pleasant under any circumstances but also how to cope with rollicking or importunate customers. It is expected that two-thirds of the clientele will consist of men, just like anywhere in the world.

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