Prague is favored more than Miami or Las Vegas, shows the ranking

Excursions to the world’s metropolises have not lost their attractiveness in 2018. Tourists are expected to travel 1.4 billion journeys to the world’s metropolises this year. This year´s twenty of the most popular cities in the world have included Prague. Even the capital recorded a year-on-year rise in foreign visitors and reached the twentieth place.

British company Euromonitor International, a strategic market research company, has published a list of hundreds of the most popular tourist cities this year. As the CNN daily said, the largest player in the ranking is Asia, 41 of the top 100 ranked cities are from the continent. Hong Kong, which expects nearly 30 million tourists this year, has more than half of them coming from the Chinese mainland.

Thailand’s Bangkok, which is expecting nearly 24 million visitors this year, is the second most popular tourist destination in the world. The top ten include Singapore, Macao, Kuala Lumpur and Shenzhen. Japan and India also record strong growth, especially the Japanese cities Osaka and Chiba. Their visits have increased by tens of percent between 2012 and 2017. London finished third, which is expecting a surge of nearly 21 million foreign tourists this year. It´s traditional European rivals include the capital of France and Italy. Paris estimates 16.9 million tourists this year, while Rome 9.7 million.

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