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Prague St. Vitus Cathedral charges an entry fee again

After several years, the cathedral is now charging an entry fee again. However people, who go there to worship and pilgrims do not have to pay.

The Castle wants to protect St. Vitus cathedral from too many tourists. You will only be allowed into the cathedral with a valid entrance ticket for sightseeing tours. Only a small part of the cathedral at the entrance is now free to visitors. The best way is to buy a four-day tourist Prague Card, which includes free entry to paid premises of Prague Castle including the cathedral.


St. Vitus Cathedral

The big sightseeing tour will cost 350 CZK including the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, St. George’s Monastery, Castle Powder Tower, Rosenberg Palace and Prague Castle Picture Gallery. The price for students and seniors is 175 CZK, a family ticket costs 700 CZK.

The small sightseeing tour includes the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica and Rosenberg Palace and costs 250 CZK and 125 CZK with a discount. In this case a family ticket costs 500 CZK.

St. Vitus Cathedral is now included in the big as well as the small sightseeing tours, but not completely – you will have to pay another 100 CZK if you want to get to the tower.


St. Vitus Cathedral glass

No entrance fee for the faithful

Entry for all services, pilgrims, for parish groups and pilgrims’ groups will of course be free. The main purpose of the entry fee is to protect the cathedral. However, if you take part in a service, you can see the cathedral free. During services, visitors have to sit in the pews and are not allowed to take photographs. But after the service there is a little time to walk round the cathedral.

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