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Prague Will Try to Speed up Public Transport; Reserved Lanes and Priorities at Traffic Lights Will Be Added

To speed up public transport through prioritization of trams and buses at junctions or the introduction of additional reserved lanes, Prague could invest more than 600 million crowns in the following years. The measure should affect ten sections in the whole metropolis. The Prague councillors decided that on Tuesday.

Among the selected ten sections are for example, the route from Prosek via Vysočany, Libeň and Jarov towards Ohrada, from Spořilov towards Želivského or along Strakonická street.

Traveling from Michle via Krč towards Modřany or along Evropská street in Prague could also improve. There are also plans for changes at Vypich, where the junction could be extended, and the length of cycles of the green and red of the traffic lights could be changed.

Buses Will Be Able to Go on Tram Tracks

There will also be new reserved bus lanes introduced, or there will be changes in the arrangement of the driving lanes. This should apply to the route from Malešice via the stop Limuzská towards Úvalská. Buses will be able to drive at selected locations on the tram rails.

In preparation for the measures, the city wants to give Ropid 19,500 Czech crowns, but this still needs to be approved by the councillors. Ropid is a municipal organization that plans and orders public transport for the capital. Its operating budget is around 40 million crowns per annum.

This year Prague extended, for example, the lane for buses on Strakonická in the direction from Lahovičky towards Chuchle, and the passing of trams should improve, for example, in Nuselská and U Plynárny, where Tublic Transport is reconstructing the track.

In Prague, there is around 38 km of lanes for buses, 12 km of tram tracks separated from cars, and 194 junctions where PT links have priority.



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