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Reduta Jazz Club

Reduta is Prague’s legendary jazz club where significant Czech jazz musicians like Mirloslav Vitous, flautist Jiri Stivin and Karel Ruzicka have played. It was founded in 1958 as a place primarily for Czech jazzmen, while stars from other countries played in larger halls. The club was feared by the communist government because jazz carried treasonous ideology. It was the same story as with rock music, but jazz wasn’t too discriminated against.

Reduta Jazz Club

All kinds of jazz are played here, from traditional jazz to modern jazz or jazz-rock, including also swinging big bands and blues bands.

Reduta is in the downtown area next to the Rock Café Club. The club’s walls are decorated with photographs of jazzmen and they are covered with many notes, so they look like notepaper. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 this place was often visited by Czech ex-president Vaclav Havel. Also ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton played there as a saxophonist. The club isn’t too large but it is still able to host a small theatre. That theatre is well known by its ‘text-appeal’ shows that continue the tradition of criticising the government and society through intelligent humour. There is a black-light theatre too.

Address: Narodni 20, Prague 1; website


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  1. It was very good week and I had great time, that is why I wanna to write you about my experience with this club, Reduta. I found this article when I tried to find something to my personal travel guide.
    In Reduta was a big band at that night. As you can see on the picture. Now the club looks better, new floors and seats.
    The music was absolutely fantastic. I was sitting less than two metres from the musicians. And the atmosphere was great also. You can feel the tradition from this place. I realy like live music so when I will come back, I’m gonna go there.

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