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Safe Sex and Contraception

Prague is well known for its sexual scene and liberal approach to sex. If you plan a visit to some nightclubs or strip bars, or you meet someone for a one night stand, it goes without saying that protecting against unwanted pregnancies and diseases is necessary. HIV is not widely spread in the Czech Republic, and it is estimated that about 800 to a maximum of 2000 persons are infected.

Safe Sex in Prague

In Prague, you can easily obtain all modern methods of birth control, such as condoms and contraceptive pills. Condoms are available just about everywhere – ask at any pharmacy or get them from machines located in the metro, pubs, and some public toilets. A gynaecologist can only prescribe the contraceptive pill. If you are unsure of the local equivalent to the pill you were taking at home, bring the empty pack with you to the doctor. Contraceptive hormone injections such as Depo-Provera and hormonal implants are also widely available. Postinor – which is the emergency contraceptive pill (‘morning-after’ pill) – can be prescribed by a doctor in case of emergency. Still, it is not possible to get it from a pharmacy.

It is wise to have appropriate insurance, as an emergency doctor for unwanted pregnancies can be quite expensive, and you might end up paying up to 3500 CZK for just two pills of Postinor.



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