Share a Flat in Prague

Long term visitors to Prague should consider sharing flats. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your experience and to be mindful of your budget. is a useful resource for finding these flats. Each month there are hundreds of listings available. The cost for sharing rents in this are from 5,000-10,000 CZK. This is cost is per person, per month. Included in these costs typically is utilities. Some of the landlords here charge more for heat when the weather is cold. Things like Wi-Fi or the internet may be additional costs. Czech websites like advertise flat deals. Most of the agents here only speak Czech, which is an important consideration. Many people want to immerse themselves in Czech culture and will prefer a native roommate. The Czech Roommate Agency ( is a resource to help in this process. The majority of bargains will ultimately be found on Czech pages, which means you may require some assistance.


Want to stay really cheap in Prague?

Try “UBYTOVNY“, they’re kind of HOSTELS with two exceptions. They generally carter to poor ones (for some locals and for many from Eastern Europe) and they’re rented on monthly basis. One month can cost you anything from 2500 CZK to 8000 CZK (from 120$ to 420$).

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