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Spas is the Czech Republic

At the spa, let yourself be pampered by various exotic massages and special baths, entrust yourself to the care of cosmeticians and visages, or enjoy romantic walks and cultural evenings with your partner.

You can also select stays aimed at reducing your weight, cleansing your body or strengthening your condition. A by-product of recreation at a spa is the purification of your soul – spa premises are characterised by peace.

Spas in Prague

For a blissed-out day, you can choose from numerous packages at one of Prague’s exclusive five-star hotels: Hotel Carlo IV Boscolo, Mandarin Oriental Prague, Le Palais Hotel, Zen Asian Wellness, The Alchemyst, and the Hotel Augustine Spa or hit the gym: Holmes Place Spa & Beauty Clinic and Cybex Spa Treatments also offer an array of spa treatments. If you’re looking for a massage, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take your pick from Thai, Indian to Swedish massage, all offered in the various parlours located throughout the city.

Let Yourself Be Pampered In Mariánské Lázně or Karlovy Vary

To relax at one of the most beautiful spas in Europe, go to Mariánské Lázně or Karlovy Vary. In addition to renowned therapeutic procedures, they also provide relaxation and beautifying stays for women. Ladies who purchase a Beauty & Relax stay will be pampered by massages and pedicures, manicures, and cosmetic procedures.

Men will also select from many commercial stays; within the Sport & Relax range of products, water lovers will enjoy swimming in the pool. Devotees of outdoor sports will select tourism, tennis, Nordic walking or open-air training exercises.

A day spent in relaxation will then end with a walk in the spa centre of the town, which prides itself upon a great number of architectural jewels. Be sure not to miss the Singing Fountain in Marianske Lazne.


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