Sport Facilities in Prague

If you would you like to stretch yourself, Prague offers an inexhaustible number of opportunities. When hot days arrive you will sure appreciate swimming and sunbathing outdoors, or playing tennis or golf. When the weather is not great, you can choose any other way to satisfy your wishes ‘under roof’ in any of the places listed below. If you wish stay at a hotel that has all the sport facilities try the four-star Club Hotel Praha. This complex offers every athletic facility you can dream of from track and field to court games, and gym and massage facilities.


Indoor and outdoor pools

Podolí swimming pool, Podolská 74, Prague 4 (largest and best one, indoor and outdoor pools, read more)
Bazén Hostivař, Bruslařská 10, Prague 10
Sokol Královské Vinohrady (for nude swimming), Prague 2, Polská ul. (in Riegerovy sady)
Aqua Blues Hloubětín (the only one in Prague with sea water), Prague 9, Hloubětínská 80
Plavecký stadion Slavia (also open-air swimming pool available) Prague 10, Vladivostocká 10
Džbán Reservoir, Šárka Nature Reserve, Praha 6 (swimming pool with a special section for nude bathing). 

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Golf Club Academics, Rohanský ostrov, Prague 8
Golf Praha, Vltavanců 982, Prague 4
Golf Club Praha, Plzeňská 401/2, Prague 5 (this nine-hole golf course is just behind Hotel Golf)
Erpet Golf Centrum, Strakonická 510, Smíchov, Praha 5 (18-hole virtual reality golf course)
Golfový klub Čechie Praha, U Sluncové 618, Prague 8
Golf Club Erpet, Strakonická 2860/4, Prague 5.

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Tennis courts

SK Slavia Praha, Letenské sady 32, Prague 7
Hamr Sports Complex, Záběhlická, Zábehlice, Praha 10
Club Hotel Praha Průhonice, Prague-east, Průhonice 400 (tennis, squash, bowling, a fitness centre, badminton, sauna, solarium, massages and swimming pool)
Tenis Šmukýřka, Na Výši, Prague 5
Tenis Strašnice, Pod Strání 2, Prague 10
Tenis Klánovice, V Pátém 521, Prague 9 – Klánovice
Tenisová Škola Advantage, Augustinova 2072, Prague 11
Hit Tenis, Prague 4, Jeremenkova 1835/106, Prague 4
Tenisový klub TJ Uhříněves, K Sokolovně, Prague 10
Český Lawn Tenis Klub Praha, Štvanice 38, Prague 7
TOP Bohemians Praha, Nad Vodovodem 50, Prague 10
Tennis Club Prague, Střelecký ostrov 336, Prague 1.

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Zlute Lazne 

This is the closest thing you’ll find to a beach in Fragile. It’s located on the river and feels like a cheesy, tourist friendly part of Ibiza! There are man-made beaches – complete with beach huts, bars, volleyball courts and table-tennis tables – which also double up as one of the hottest club scenes in the area when night falls. It’s also great for kids as well, as it has a large children’s play area. It’s only open in the summer and the hours are 9am to 2am, and it can be reached by getting off at the Dvorce tram stop. Prices are 80 CZK until 5pm, but free thereafter. For more information, visit



Squash Ohradní, Ohradní 1440, Prague 4
Haštal – Horní a Dolní kurty, Haštalská 20, Prague 1
Svatováclavský Squash, Wenceslas Square, Prague 1,
Esquo Squash Centrum, Vaníčkova 3, Prague 6 – Strahov.



Acord Bowling Club, Rostislavova 19, Prague 4
Best Bowling, Řevnická 1, Prague 5
Beer and Bowling Diner, Kongresová 1 (Corinthia Towers Hotel)
Bowling centrum RAN, V Celnici 10 (Hotel Marriott, open 12pm-12am)
Bowling Králův Dvůr, Hruševanské nám., Prague 8 – Dolní Chabry
Bowling Strašnice, Starostrašnická 1002/58, Prague 10
Bowling Bar, Senovážné nám. 21 (Hotel Junior)
Bowling bar U Viktorky, Seifertova 49, Prague 3
Na Ovčíně, Záběhlická 82, Prague 10
Radava SC, Milady Horákové 37, Prague 7
Relax Centrum PRAHA, Koněvova 13, Prague 3
SB Centrum, K Horkám 2284/1, Prague 4
Sportcentrum Duo Hotel, Teplická 492, Prague 9
Short Guns Shooting – Střelnice Čestlice, Čestlice 199 (Praha – Průhonice)
Fit areál Parabellum, Květnice 50 (Praha – east)



Billard Centrum, V Cípu 1, Prague 1
Billard Centrum, Stroupežnického 1, Prague 5
Billiard Club Harlequin, Vinohradská 25, Prague 2
Café Louvre, Národní třída 22, Prague 1.



Kart Areal, Chlumecká 8, Prague 9 (Černý Most mall),
Open: Mon-Thurs 2-10pm ; Fri 2-11pm; Sat 12-11pm; Sun 12-10pm
Kart Centrum, Výpadová 1335, Prague 5
Open: Mon-Fri 3pm-12am; Sat and Sun 11am-12am
Kart Klub Letňany, Toužimská 55, Prague 9
Open: Mon-Fri 2-12pm; Sat and Sun 10am-12am



Paintball Club Troja, Krejnická 2021, Praha 4
Open: 9.30am-6pm. Closed Sat and Sun
Prague Indoor Paintball, Freyova 27, Praha 9
Open: 12pm-11pm.



Interlov Praha, Jungmannova 25,Praha 1
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-2pm. Sun closed
SSK Magnum Praha 6, Kamýcká 192, tel. 233 32 24
Open: Thu, Sat and Sun 10am-6pm; Wed and Fri 1-6pm. Closed Mon and Tue.


Horse riding

– Reporyje, Zmrzlík 3, Prague 5 (booking required)


Race Course

The Central Racecourse Chuchle, Radotínská 69, Prague 5 (gallop and trotter chases at weekends from April to November).


Ballon rides

Stifter Baloons, Moskevská 1464, Prague 10.



Berounka River – for experienced as well for beginners (Saturdays and Sundays), Central European Adventures, Jáchymova 4, Josefov.



The best places are Stromovka Park, Letná, the Vyšehrad ramparts, the open space around Strahov and Kampa Island.


Ski rental

Happy Sport  Snowboard rental prices begin at 250CZK daily, with ski rental prices at 100CZK daily. Also, you will need to pay about 50CZK to 80CZK for insurance, and make a deposit. Repairs are also offered at Happy Sport. Address: Národní obrany Sixteen, Dejvická, Prague 6 ( Opening times: 09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday; 09:00 to 13:00 Saturday. Additional locations are: Na Pankráci 1598, Pankrác, Prague Four; Beranových 127, Letňany, Prague Nine.

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