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Student Hangouts

There is almost no city better for students to hang out in than in Prague.  It is nearly impossible to hit all the clubs, bars and cafes the city has to offer.  The activity transitions easily from the daytime hours tonight, and there is always plenty to do and see.  There is plenty of live music both from bands and DJ’s, and there is something for every taste.  The only real problem is trying to decide where you should go as there are just so many options to choose from.

If you are arriving in Prague, there are several choices that you should start with.  The Globe Bookstore and Café is a great place to begin your Prague adventure as it offers good food, good coffee, happy hour beer at a great price, an international crowd and a staff that speaks English.  In addition, the café is also part of the bookstore, making it possible for you to pick up some guidebooks as you enjoy a cup of Joe.

Another great starting point is Kavarna Meduza which has a somewhat older feel to it but is still modern with access to Wi-Fi and plenty of coffee to get you through a late night or early morning.  This café is also located close to Namesti Miru.

One more great choice is Tynska literani kavarna.  Both a café and a bookstore, this inconspicuous and ancient building is close to Staromestke namesti.  Here, you will find a lot of locals as well as reasonable prices.

When it is time to dance the night away, students have virtually unlimited options in Prague.  One of the hottest places in the city is the Red Room and features a red wall, red couches, red lights and an enjoyable atmosphere.  The Red Room also features live music every day, including an open mic event on Sundays for those brave enough to stand behind the microphone.  In addition, students receive additional discounts on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you are looking for some of the hottest DJ’s in town, then students need to look no further than Bar Fly located in the Old Jewish Quarter and Le Mirage, located next to the I.P. Pavlova metro and tram stop.  Music in these two clubs ranges

If you need a place to head to for a drink after others have closed, then venture over to Chapeau Rouge for a den of illicit fun that holds an Erasmus student party every Wednesday night.

The most popular of all the student dance clubs is the 100-year-old theatre that has been converted into a bar.  Lucerna Music Bar is packed with the student every weekend.  Usually, in the 1980s, Madonna is playing on a giant video screen, and hundreds spend the evening dancing the night away.

If you pass by Zlaty Strom, don’t think it is a hotel, although that is exactly what it looks like.  This is actually one of the best clubs in the city and is located just off Charles Bridge.  Girls can get in for free, the prices are good, and the dance floor is always full of people.

If you want to save a little money, try going to the outskirts of Prague.  The clubs located here are just as good, but the prices are a little better.

Of course, if you are getting into Prague, you might not want to spend all your time indoors.  If this is the case, then you can head over to a riverside playground and dig your toes in the sand and work on your tan at the same time.  Just get on the 17 tram to O2 Zlute lazne and enjoy the sun while playing beach volleyball and grilling out at the same time.

There are even numerous high-class activities you can take part in.  For about 100CZK, you can put on your dress clothes and enjoy a live performance at The National Theatre.

Student Discounts

Most students who are travelling through Europe are doing so on a dime.  This means that they stay in hostels and try to keep costs down throughout much of the trip.  One way to still see the sights but also save money at the same time is to make sure that you have your student ID with you at all times.  Many spots throughout Prague will offer steep discounts to students and prove it with their card.  Students can garner 50% off to museums, and other sports such as theatres, trains, public transportation, cinemas and restaurants will acknowledge a student ID.  You also need to have with you an ISIC card as well.  This International Student Identity Card is easy to apply for by going to www.isic.org and applying. This card is good in 120 countries and offers discounts at over 40,000 locations.

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