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Student Housing

Should you be a student, you’ll often be given a dormitory room (a ‘kolej’) shared with roommates or be a single room. As universities do not have traditional campuses, university dormitories are spread across Prague. You will apparently need to utilize public transport to get yourself to classes each day. Dormitory rooms will have a desk, bed, lamp, bookshelves, linens, wardrobe and bathroom with toilet (usually shared with other suite-users, although this is sometimes in a corridor), and there’s a shared kitchen on every floor. The price for university dormitories ranges from 2300 CZK to 5000 CZK each month, including utility bills or 100 CZK to 400 CZK each day. Most international students prefer a larger flatshare arrangement, which is better from the point of view of facilities and comfort. The cost of student flatshares is 3000 CZK to 6000 CZK each month. The usual number of students sharing a flat is three to five.




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