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T-mobile HotSpot

The operator T-Mobile provides access to the Internet using a wireless connection called T-Mobile HotSpot. The service is available in selected Prague’s including hotels and restaurants. To take advantage of the service, one needs a PC equipped with WiFi signal reception hardware, which is standard on most current notebook PCs. Another option is an external receiver or a PDA. You log in by entering your username and password on the Welcome Page. The service can be used by T-Mobile customers and virtually any client who purchases either a hardcopy or electronic voucher (similar to a pre-paid Twist Coupon, or you can purchase a coupon online using a Visa or EC/MC card). The voucher prices start at 150 CZK depending on the amount of time purchased. more info

T-mobile HotSpot

Worldwide Availability In addition to the Czech Republic, the T-Mobile HotSpot service is available to you for the next 20 000 connection points within T-Mobile International’s framework in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Austria and the Netherlands. You can use another 7 000 connection points in roaming countries such as Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Italy. T-Mobile is a member of the international Wireless Broadband Alliance. Thanks to this membership, you can use the hotspots of other operators in various countries. A current list of the localities and additional information about the service is available on the website www.wirelessbroadbandalliance.com and www.t-mobile.cz Czech Republic, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Austria, Wireless Broadband Alliance

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