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Taxi Driver Robs Foreigner Who Objected to Unfair Price

taxi_praha_1.jpgOn 17 August 2011, a taxi driver from Prague and his accomplice robbed a foreigner who refused to pay an overpriced fare.

In late May, a taxi driver charged a customer 3000 Crowns for a journey from Žluté lázně (near Vyšehrad) to a hotel in Mozartova Street, Prague 5, but the customer refused to pay. After threats from the taxi driver’s accomplice, the foreigner was forced to pay 4000 Crowns and informed the police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová.

According to Kropáčová, it was the driver’s accomplice who, immediately after reaching the destination, started threatening the foreigner with a clenched fist and kept warning him not to make any trouble. “The customer wanted to leave the car, but the driver locked the door, so he could not escape. After repeated threats and in fear of his life, the customer surrendered to the demands of both men,” said the Prague police spokeswoman.

Then the bullies took the customer to an ATM, where the victim withdrew 4000 Crowns from his account. The men took the money and left. The police managed to find the taxi crew, and the driver was arrested on Tuesday.
The driver was charged with the criminal act of robbery, for which he may be sentenced to as much as ten years of prison.



  1. On July, 23, 2012 my wife and I arrived to Prague Airport and beeng looking for a ridr to Karlovy Vary. A good looking man in his 45 – 48 years old, toll and choby, light hear and light eye, approched us and oferred a ride for 100 euro to destination, hotel Royal Regent.
    I referred to the Info desk and found that 100 euro is a normal price.
    We Accepted trhe offer. The driver Introduced him self as a Miclosh (or Milosh) anwe’ve borded his gray-silver Skoda roomy sedan.
    The ride was good, the driver was sweet and polite, telling stories and comments about the settlements along the road.
    Finally he stopped and announced “Heer is your hotel, you are going to pay 200 euro”.
    We was shocked and started arguing with him, he repplied that in Czeck Republic each passager must be charged with the price: because there was my self and my wife both of us must pay the price, other wise wi’ll get a deep trouble, and he forced us to pay the double of the price.
    Finally, he even reccomend us to call the phone number +420-774-057-602 and ask Lyuba if wee need a ride or we hesitate about the price.
    I’m writing all this in a purpose to warn all wisitors in the Czheck Republick how the fraud is widely developped in there. Be carefull!


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