Temperatures rising: the last week in June to bring tropical (30°C) temperatures

After six years, the end of June and early July will be hot and mostly sunny, with clear skies and tropical temperatures lasting through the whole upcoming week. The beautiful weather is caused by an area of high air pressure which is centred above the Baltic now, and is pushing the hot air from the south-west into the Czech lands.

We have a sunny, tropical week ahead. The forecasts agree so far that this weather should hold until 10 July at least.

Maximum temperatures in the Czech Republic are going to resemble a Mediterranean resort this week. On Tuesday 29 June the mercury in our thermometers will climb up to 26 or 30°C. From Wednesday to Friday the highest values will be between 27 and 31 degrees.

For the weekend the forecasts are even predicting temperatures around 33°C.

While Monday and Tuesday will either have clear skies or be somewhat cloudy, from Wednesday we can see occasional storms or showers in the afternoon and in the evening. However, these should only be local events without much intensity.

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