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The Chocolate Museum

Chocolate lovers can find their nirvana in Prague. The Choc-Story Museum offers the history, collection of chocolate wrappers, demonstration and tasting of this glorious sweet. Visitors can also see the containers in which chocolate is blended, learn about its use for the health of the human body, and be taught about its preparation. Trace chocolate’s history back to the time of the Aztecs; see how it came to Europe and what European chocolatiers did to it to make it so yummy. Out front, there’s a huge chocolate shop selling a fabulous collection of Belgian treats.

  • 3000 years old History of Cocoa and Chocolate
  • 40 Text Panels and Movie
  • live Demonstration including a Tasting Session
  • original Chocolate Boxes Collection 

Chocolate Museum Prague

Location: Celetná 10, Prague 1
Open: 10:30 – 19:00.
Admission: Adults: 140 CZK; Children (6-12yrs) 95 CZK; Children (3-6yrs) 25 CZK; 30% discount with Prague Card

Website: www.choco-story-praha.cz


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