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Theatre Listing

For a typically Czech theatrical experience, you can choose from three distinctive performance genres, all of which are great for visitors as they are language-free and held in Prague’s city centre. Visually spectacular ‘black light theatre‘ stories are told using elements of mime, modern dance, ballet, animated film, and acting or puppetry bathed in light on a dark background. Marionette theatre offers wonderful puppet performances of pieces ranging from Mozart’s famous Don Giovanni to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Laterna Magika, situated next to the National Theatre, is a mix of film, visual effects, sound and ballet. Always evolving, the themes are fresh and exciting, and performances are well worth the price.


  • Branicke Theatre, Branicka 411/63, Prague 4
  • Cinoherni Klub, Ve smeckach 26, Prague 1
  • Dejvicke Theatre, Zelena 15a, Prague 6
  • Divadelni Studio Disk, Karlova 26, Prague 1
  • Theatre Abc, Vodickova 2B, Prague 1
  • Theatre Akcent, Ostrovskeho 3, Prague 5
  • Theatre Archa, Na Porici 26, Prague 1
  • Theatre Bez Zabradli, Jungmannova 31, Prague 1
  • Theatre Gong, Sokolovska 191, Prague 9
  • Theatre Jiriho Grossmanna, Vaclavske namesti 43, Prague 1
  • Theatre Kalich, Jungmannova 9, Prague 1
  • Theatre Kolowrat, Ovocny Trh 6, Prague 1
  • Theatre Komedie, Jungmannova 1 , Prague 1
  • Theatre Minor, Vodickova 6, Prague 1
  • Theatre Na Fidlovacce, Kresomyslova 625 140 00, Prague 4
  • Theatre Na Zabradli, Anenske namesti 5, Prague 1
  • Theatre Pod Palmovkou, Zenklova 34, Prague 8
  • Theatre Ponec – Tanec Prague, Husitska 24a, Prague 3
  • Theatre Rokoko, Vaclavske nam. 38, Prague1
  • Theatre Spejbla And Hurvinka, Dejvicka 38, Prague 6
  • Theatre U Hasicu, Rimska 45, Prague 2
  • Theatre V Celetne, Celetna 17, Prague 1
  • Theatre V Dlouhe, Dlouha 39, Prague 1
  • Theatre V Reznicke, Reznicka 17, Prague 1
  • Lyra Pragensis – Theatre Inspirace, Karlova 2, Prague1
  • State Opera Prague, Wilsonova 4, Prague 1
  • Studio Ypsilon, Spalena 16, Prague 1
  • Viola, Narodni tr. 7, Prague 1

Did you know? Prague theatre productions are mostly visual, so they are suitable for children of all nationalities and ages. Even very young children should enjoy the puppets, the lights and sounds and the dancing.


Theatres in Prague

The Vinohrady Theatre


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