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Toy Museum

Close to Golden Lane (at the courtyard of Burgrave’s House) is this nice little place with many antique trains, teddy bears and dolls, complete with English-language signs on most of them. There are not many things children are allowed to touch, but there are plenty of mysterious mechanical objects, such as music boxes and steam-powered toys, for the kids to speculate about. There is a Barbie exhibit on the second floor, which is quite interesting.

Open: daily 9.30am- 5.30pm; Webiste

Admission: 40 CZK. 



  1. Hello,
    please the toy museum in Prague moved for a year to another place: Husova 20, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague 1., nearby Karlova ulice. Opening hours: 10-18h, 24.12.+31.12.: 10-15h.
    prices: adult 70,-, children to 15 years: 50,-, family +2 kids 200,-
    Theres no telephone line anymore.

    Thanks a lot for the change.


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