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Train Prague to Krakow

There are many different sights and sounds that Eastern Europe can offer, and one would be stupid not to take advantage of the fact that you can see many different cities in one vacation when visiting this part of the world. Once you have had your fill of the delights that Prague offers, there are many different places to head to, with Krakow being one of the most popular. This popular tourist destination in Poland has loads to do. It offers the tourist a great weekend of activities and culture, so it is well worth tagging on to your Eastern European adventure!

The only way that people usually travel between these two cities is by train, and the ride will take you through some stunning places. In fact, many people like to break up the journey by getting off the train and spending some time in the places that they pass through. The only problem is that this makes buying tickets difficult, as you will end up buying quite a few. The trains are generally well maintained and comfortable, and also run on time – something that might be a new concept for people from certain other European countries!

The easiest way to buy tickets for the journey between Prague and Krakow is to do so online, as this means that you will be guaranteed a space on the train – something that isn’t guaranteed if you turn up at the train station on the day of departure and try to buy tickets there. Unfortunately, only return tickets can be booked in this way, though, so if you are not planning on returning to Prague, you will need to buy the tickets in person. Also, if buying tickets online, you will only be able to buy them three days before the departure date or closer, meaning that you will have to find an internet connection somewhere in the city. However, this is very easy to do.

One final note is the prices charged in each country, as many people find that buying their tickets in the Czech Republic is much cheaper than doing so in Poland, which is curious, as the Czech Republic is usually considered the more expensive country. Therefore, if you are booking online, make sure you use a Czech service and not a Polish one – it could save you a fair bit of money.

AlternativeMinibus service between Prague and Krakow.


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