Travel Restriction for Foreigners Entering the Czech Republic

As of 30 January 2021, the Government of the Czech Republic decided on a ban to the free movement of all persons in the territory of the Czech Republic.

As a result of those measures, it is not possible to travel to Czech Republic for the purpose of tourism or visiting friends.

It is possible to travel to the Czech Republic only for essential reasons.

  • travelling to work or for business purposes (including cross-border workers)
  • essential family travel
  • travelling to healthcare facilities

The exemption for journeys not exceeding a 12-hour stay, for which it is not necessary to complete the arrival form and submit the result of a PCR or antigen test, is limited to the following journeys:

  • business meetings or other work performance
  • obtaining basic needs, grocery shopping, refueling
  • journeys to medical facilities
  • handling of urgent official matters
  • funerals

We remind all travellers visiting the Czech Republic to check current travel conditions and entry requirements before boarding their flight.

All exceptions from the free movement ban can be found in the latest protective measure published by the Czech Ministry of Health.

The current leaflet on restriction on the entry of FOREIGNERS to the Czech Republic can be downloaded here.

COVID-19 Stats

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