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U Ceskych Panu Medieval Restaurant

If you are looking for good value, then U Ceskych Panu is a great choice.  Centrally located just five minutes from Wenceslas Square, this Medieval-style restaurant is located in Gothic cellars and will definitely transport you back to a different place in time.  However, there are still plenty of modern conveniences such as air conditioning, expertly prepared food and plenty of good wine.

U Ceskych Panu Medieval Restaurant

The food is a traditional Czech fair with plenty of meats ranging from roast duck, sausage, roast pork, leg of lamb and smoked meats.  However, you can also choose from a wide array of lighter meals, including chicken, fish, salads and vegetable platters.

There is also a fine selection of wine and beer to go with any meal.  Together, the food and drinks are all reasonably priced, making it possible to enjoy a large mean on a small budget.

Address:  Skolska 38, New Town, Prague 1; website



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