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Vacations to Ski

Many people travel to the Czech Republic because of their fantastic ski offerings. There are destinations here that are well known. Each of these provides something special and unique for residents and tourists to enjoy. Here are some of the top locations to consider in this area:


The Krkonose Mountain Ranges are some of the most popular places to ski. They are situated on the Czech-Polish border. This location is within 1-2 hours of Prague, which makes it very accessible. Some of the most visited resorts here is Spindleruv Mlyn, Harrachov, and Pecpod Snezkou. Offerings like these provide some of the best ski experiences in the Czech Republic. They are known for their great equipment and slope provisions. The Krkonose Mountains prides itself on having one of the highest mountains in the country. During peak seasons, these are crowded slopes which can be an issue.


Jizerske Hory

This particular range is situated an hour north of Prague. This is near the Czech-German border. The range is smaller than the Krkonose location. The skiing may not be as good as some other slopes here. You will find terrific attractions in this area as well. Package deals are fantastic to this location. Some of these include transportation from Prague to Liberec, which is near here.

Slopes of Sumava

The Sumava Mountains are other offerings for great skiing. Slopes are west near the German-Austrian border. The mountains provide lower elevations as it relates to their slopes. This provides less expensive opportunities to enjoy skiing. There are ski schools here and opportunities for children to learn to ski. Families may consider this a fantastic location to choose for vacation. Spicak and Kasperske Hory are wonderful resorts in this category.


Not far from Prague, you will find the Moravian Ranges. This is a four hour trip by car from Prague. Praded is one of the highest mountains in the Czech Republic. Jeseniky offers downhill ski slopes to their visitors. This is a very popular place to visit for vacation. Although it is popular tourists have a vast selection of resorts to select from. Overcrowding is not typically a problem here. Beskydy is a smaller slope offering that is approximately three to four hours from Prague. Tourists enjoy Moravian Ranges and their offerings. The customs, culture, and folklore here make it an intriguing spot.

Krusne and Orlicke

On the border of North Bohemia and Germany, you will find the mountains of Krusne. The benefits of these mountains are their cost and lack of crowding. They are not as well equipped as some of the more luxurious slope locations. Near the Czech-Polish border, you will find a similar slope offering in Orlicke. These slopes offer opportunities for cross-country skiing.

Additional information about Czech ski resorts and centres can be found on the following websites: www.holidayinfo.cz and www.ceskelazenstvi.cz. For low cost and reliable transport from and to the Prague airport, we recommend the ski transfer specialist, Prague Airport Transfers.



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