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Weather in June

Temperatures as high as 31°C are expected at the end of June. At the end of the first week of June, somewhat cloudy weather with showers is expected, with storms in places. Daily temperatures will be from 20 to 25°C. Again, in the second week of June, somewhat cloudy weather with showers and storms in places is expected. Night-time temperatures of 8 to 14°C are expected, with daytime temperatures from 18 to 24°C. At the end of the month, the temperatures could rise to 22 or even 31°C. However, more cloudy conditions and rain or showers are expected at the beginning of the last week of June. Under such situations, the temperatures are expected to fall within 18 to 24°C.

Generally, somewhat cloudy weather is expected with sporadic showers. According to CHMI, June is expected to have average temperatures but above-average rainfall compared to cold May.



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