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Introduction to Weddings in the Czech Republic

When you are planning a wedding in the Czech Republic, make sure to arrange your ceremony well in advance. Some of the most popular locations have long waiting lists, and are usually fully booked a few months in advance.

Among the most romantic and most popular locations for weddings are the castles of Hluboká nad Vltavou, Český Krumlov, Loket, Červená Lhota or Jindřichův Hradec. The list of venues available for a wedding is much more extensive, and here we list some of them.

Medieval Karlštejn Castle

The matchless Gothic interior of Karlštejn Castle gives special power to the atmosphere of the special ceremony, which is invariably capped with a unique feature – a wedding toast with wine from the castle vineyards, once the pride of medieval sovereign Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. (Read more)

Dobříš Chateau

Pledge your assent in the sublime Hall of Mirrors of the Rococo chateau in Dobříš! Underscoring the most unforgettable day of your lives is a stroll in the uniquely designed Rococo French garden, known as the “Czech Schönbrunn” for its resemblance to the imperial residence in Vienna. An unforgettable wedding night is promised in the charming newlyweds’ suite in the chateau itself.

Chateau in Valtice

The hotel occupying the lovely Baroque chateau of Valtice offers the promise of the most romantic night of your life. With the morning light, you can awake to an unforgettable view of the exquisite gardens of the chateau park.

Wedding in Kutná Hora

A wedding fit for a fairytale can be arranged in the Royal Audience Hall of the Italian Court in Kutná Hora – giving your marriage-day such an aura of magic that you will hardly believe it real. (Read more)

Wedding Ceremony Options

Generally there are two options available – Civil or Religious Ceremony.

Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies are legally binding and held in only a few selected locations, the most popular of which include the Old Town Hall in Old Town Square and the New Town Hall in Charles Square. Outside of Prague there are also many Castle venues available for hosting your Civil Ceremony. You are required by law to have at least two witnesses present.

The ceremony will be conducted in Czech. If neither the bride nor groom speaks Czech then they are legally required to have an officially authorised court interpreter present.

Religious Ceremony

Religious ceremonies, both Protestant and Catholic, are legally binding in the Czech Republic, and there is no need to first have a civil ceremony. Religious ceremonies can be held at many of the various beautiful churches in Prague and in some castle venues outside of Prague.

Most priests in the Czech Republic are well educated and thus speak English, therefore your ceremony can most likely simply be held in English.

Catholic wedding

Catholic ceremonies take approximately 30 minutes to perform (without Holy Communion), and one hour with Holy Communion.

Couples wishing to have a Catholic wedding are required to have the necessary paperwork completed at least one month prior to the wedding day, including the pre-marital courses with your priest in your home country. You should contact your local parish priest in the UK and the priest who will be performing the wedding in Prague, in advance, for guidance. Either the bride or groom must be Catholic in order to have a Catholic wedding. It is important to know that divorced persons are not permitted to re-marry in the Czech Catholic Church.

Protestant wedding

Protestant ceremonies take approximately 30 minutes to perform. They can be conducted in either a church or a chateau or possibly a garden/outdoor venue, as there are ministers who will travel to the ceremony.

You should contact your local church minister in the UK, and the minister who is to perform the ceremony in Prague, to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in order to get married.

Tip: Weddings in Prague can also be joined with some romantic activities, including using vintage historical cars for your transport, or a private romantic cruise after your ceremony.

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