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Wenceslas Square Offers Brothels and Drugs on Every Corner

It should be the city centre and the main attraction of the capital. Instead, it is quite dilapidated and noisy, and after dusk, it is better not to venture there at all. This is what Wenceslas Square is like. Every day hundreds of drug doses are sold there, and it has probably the most brothels of the whole of Prague! However, after years the decision has been finally made to carry out a thorough reconstruction of the square.


The St. Václav statue and the National Museum. These are the two main historical attractions, for which thousands of keen tourists come to Wenceslas Square during the day. Hashish, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin. These drugs attract people here at night. “Wenceslas Square is the largest open drug market in the Czech Republic. Every day some 500 to 800 people buy a drug there. Eighty percent of them are Czech people; the rests are Slovaks and Russians,” stated the officer of Sananim, an organisation that helps the drug addicts. “During one shift, we replace up to 2000 needles.”



But drugs are not the only problem of Wenceslas Square. “Right on the square and in the side-alleys, there are some 26 brothels,” stated the city police director. But to convict the Afro-Americans who lure foreigners to “cabarets” is often beyond the abilities of the police.

Over two hours spent in the square, the policemen revoked the licence of one taxi driver and ousted several homeless people off the benches. “But if the person is not a wanted criminal and has proper documents, they can only ask him to take their feet down off the bench.”

TIP: Do not buy drugs on the street: sale and distribution is illegal and such drugs are often hazardous counterfeits.

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    • Every black guy on every corner is a dealer. If you ask they say no initially, they don’t sell drugs, because they square you off to understand who you are…as you go down the plaza they sort of “clear you” and at a point one will say “ok, what you want?” Once you buy the first time you’re “cleared” and when you return the following days they’ll hook you up immediately, they’ll also offer to give you a phone number for “delivery service” if you want. I bought cocoa there like 7-8 times in different business trips between 10PM and 1AM getting from average to “hurray” quality. 90% of the guys are Nigerians. You can also score from the various bouncers outside the main brothels I’ve been told. Later at night the situation becomes dreadful with many junkies around, cops doing their best to contain things and pretty dodgy stuff can be seen like street prostitution and shady characters….I suggest not to go after 2 AM.

  1. I am in Praugh ,just returned from Wenceslas square, it’s a beautiful city don’t know where these guys come up with this bs ! .there are no girls on the streets,no pimps pulling or pushing you ! You probably went to a different Praugh !!

  2. Stupid comments and someone who probably is still in teens life and could not tell the women to stay away. Prague is the most romantic city in Europe and very beautiful. Its architect, historical buildings, clubs, restaurants, shops and people. Everything is wonderful about Prague. So, don’t pay attention to what the guy wrote here I have been to Prague about 10 times and each time I love it. I am going in Sep again for 10 nights as it keeps inviting me back.

  3. I have just returned from a holiday in Prague.

    I imagined at night the streets would be alive with music, street cafes and entertainment that reflected this beautiful city and its historic past.

    So you can imagine my shock to find the streets – especially near Wenceslas Square – to be lined with pimps and prostitutes. It completely spoiled my experience of the city, especially when two women tried to drag me and my companion off the streets. On another occasion, we said ‘no’ to a pimp and he then spat at us.

    I intend to tell everyone I know not to bother travelling to this city and to spread the word via social networking sites. Maybe then, something will be done about it.

    • You are an idiot. You can find this sort of seedy nightlife anywhere in the world, unless you are holidaying in Alaska or something. And it is not necessarily a bad thing either, it is just your biased opinion.
      Prague was an amazing experience, and mine certainly wasn’t spoiled by an aggressive pimp.

    • I laughed at your comments only because it is very true. The only thing not true with your comments is the Alaska part – I’m sure you can find good nightlife in Alaska if you tried hard enough. Prague is a great place to go, whether you are looking for a beautiful European city to admire, or looking for good time


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