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What Happens During One Day in Prague?

What is Prague like in numbers per day? In the charming Prague as well as in its dark side? Have fun; come and have a look at how much happens in Prague during one day.


* in the capital city, almost 1,300,000 people eat, sleep, work and go to school
* 40 children are born
* one citizen uses 127 litres of water
* the subway transports 1,142,000 people
* 81 traffic accidents occur
* 34 citizens of Prague die
* 15 couples get married
* an ambulance car takes 300 journeys a day
* 500 aeroplanes land and take off
* 661 passengers without a ticket are caught in the public transport system
* 30 people become victims of pickpockets
* 150 people are cheated by a taxi driver
* 1184 citizens call the police emergency line
* in the Prague Zoo, three new animals are born or otherwise acquired
* the cableway to Petřín travels 57 times
* the dogs of Prague produce 20 tons of excrement
* desperate people think about suicide, and every second day one of them commits suicide
* 22 people get divorced
* on the Hermes ship, 120 homeless people spend the night
* 638 trams and 847 buses set off
* 250 policemen guard the streets
* six flats are burgled
* the incineration plant in Malešice processes 550 tons of waste
* households consume 113,957 rolls of toilet paper
* thieves steal 20 cars
* nine women have an abortion
* the people of Prague drink 831,220 pints of beer
* fines worth 338,300 CZK are collected
* every inhabitant of the capital city eats on average 14 decagrams of bread (for the whole of Prague, it is 171,272 kg)
* traffic inspectors check tickets of 16,850 passengers
* 2500 to 3000 homeless people roam the streets
* municipal police tow away 123 cars from the streets
* one bank is robbed every week
* eight dogs end up in a dog refuge
* three people become victims of a robbery
* 611,000 personal cars enter the capital city
* history lovers can choose from 61 museums
* 51 theatres put on plays
* 25 people in distress call one of several helplines
* films are screened in 30 cinemas
* there isn’t a fire every day, but once every three days, the firefighters are sure to work
* 53 drivers report their car has been burgled
* parents take their children to 302 kindergartens



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