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Where to Get Best Exchange Rate in Prague?

Our readers recommend this eXchange office in Prague. This exchange office does not charge any fees, and the exchange rate margin between buying and selling currency is really very small. The exchange office is easy to find; it is 200 meters from metro station Malostranska, or if you are at Old Town Square just behind St. Nicholas church (on the corner of Kaprova and Maiselova streets). This exchange office has a minimum exchange amount of equivalent 5000 CZK (for example, you must change at least 250 USD, 125 GBP etc.). The eXchange accepts all major currencies, including British pounds. You might find some other exchange offices offering slightly better rates but do not get confused; they will have hefty fee charges. If you wish to exchange money regularly, you can ask them for a VIP card. This card will give you an even better rate. For large amounts, over 100.000 CZK eXchange offers a VIP rate, which is even better than their standard rate.

Address: eXchange currency exchange, Kaprova 15, Prague 1; Opening hours: daily 09 am to 8 pm.

Prague Exchange Office

Be Aware

  • Don’t change money in the street! Swindlers will offer you a better rate, but you may end up either with forged banknotes or banknotes from another country.
  • Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes are very difficult to change, and where they are accepted, you’ll get a worse exchange rate than for Bank of England notes.


  1. Just few small corrections: You can change any amount in Exchange company. The limit is ment just for large groups of tourists to avoid blocking cashiers for a long time. It pushs group guides to collect money from their clients and do just a single transaction.
    VIP rates usually differs in 1%. For 100 EUR the difference is about 30 CZK. The difference between buy and sell rates is about 1-2% for VIP rates and 2-4% for standard rates.
    To get VIP card you need to change at least for 100,000 CZK (4,000 EUR) – you will get VIP rate for the transaction, or at least three times more than 20,000 CZK (800 EUR) and you will get VIP rate for next transaction (you need to colletect bills, or use same passport).


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