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Zlaty Strom

Have a Great Time at Zlaty Strom

If you plan on visiting Prague, we suggest you experience the wild nightlife that has made the Czech Republic a world-renowned country.

You will find old buildings, churches and shopping malls and many interesting places to visit, but at night, you cannot just barricade yourself in your hotel room.

Zlaty Strom Disco

Get dressed and go out and you will find lots of exclusive clubs, most of which are situated in the centre, so it will not take you ages to find them.

The Zlaty Strom Bar & Music Club is situated underneath the Zlaty Strom hotel, which links the beautiful Charles Bridge to Old Town Square.

What can you expect from a club like Zlaty Strom? Great music, cocktails, dancers, pole dancers and several rooms for you to chill out, relax or if you prefer, dance to 80’s music. It’s all up to you.

The club has been designed with the relaxation-seeking party people in mind, as it delivers entertainment in a relaxing ambience.

Zlaty Strom has not one, but three bars managed by highly skilled barmen who will serve you the most exquisite cocktails you’ve ever had, including mojitos, vodka-based cocktails and, of course, Zlaty Strom’s special cocktail: the eight-man mojito, which is nothing but mojito served in a huge glass with eight straws. This is not for the faint-hearted.

The dance floor is beautifully illuminated, and the DJ’s like mixing up different tunes to guarantee the most original music in town.

For the price of a mojito, you may also admire several pole dancers who, as you can imagine, at some point in the night, take their tops off and amuse their audience by dancing for them until early morning.

If you are looking for noise and chaos, this is not the club for you. Zlaty Strom wants to relax its guests, offering them the best service possible by satisfying their thirst for fun and relaxation.


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  1. I found the security on entry to be oppressive and the bar tenders to be rude, especially in the shockingly bad disco where I was challenged to pay a receipt that was left on the bar by the guy who held the wallet. I will never set foot in there again and would not recommend anyone go to this place. God help anyone in there if there was a fire!

  2. There is advice to everyone, if possible avoid this club. Unfortunately due to the location near Charles Bridge this club attracts quite a lot people. We used to be going to this club quite often, but bartenders get worse each year. We had chance also chat things with owner, which was very unfriendly. On many occasions we were given short notes and change, and we are local, thus foreigners must be even much bigger target.

  3. I always wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague and when I finally got the chance it turned out a nightmare. My boyfriend and I went to Zlaty Strom Music Club which is quite central and doesn’t look like a dodgy place. We were sitting at the bar when our coats and my handbag were stolen with over 550 euros, phones, camera, and all documents. The bartender was not interested at all, so we turned to the hotel receptionist for help. The guy was so rude and told us it is not his problem and wouldn’t even call the police. The entire staff was extremely unfriendly. Finally when the police arrived they said they couldn’t do anything and left us there. Wondering what to do and how to get home without any money for a cab, any directions how to get to our friends’ house, or a phone so we can call our friends I sat on the stairs in front of the club, being really upset and crying. It is then when one of all 4 or 5 security guys attacked me from behind by grabbing me by the hair and dragging me across the stairs. He only threw me on the ground when my boyfriend stepped forward trying to help. My boyfriend got a punch in the eye and his face was covered in blood. That’s how we walked around Prague on NYE without coats, money or mobile phones, looking for a cab that would agree to take us. The manager was very unhelpful the following day when we returned to the club. Seems they found our coats, no explanations were offered. The police officer’s advice was to leave things like this because there was nothing we could prove. I am utterly disappointed in people’s rudeness and unfriendliness in Prague. Not to mention that none of the random people who witnessed the whole situation stopped and tried to help.


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