Museum of Communism

Arranged into three permanent displays: Dreams, Reality and Nightmare, this museum attempts to shed light on the workings of Czechoslovakia’s post-war Communist regime (including the use of propaganda, censorship and interrogation), while also showing what everyday life was like for Prague’s citizens from 1945-1989. Displaying a selection of items- including everything from school textbooks to border machine guns, the museum portrays an interesting picture of the era. Likely to appeal to tourists rather than locals, the museum is wedged between a McDonalds restaurant and a casino and lies just off Wenceslas Square.

Location: Palac Savarin, Na Prikope 10, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Daily from 9 am -10 pm. Mondays closed.
Metro Line A or B to the Mustek stop, Line B to the Namesti Republiky stop.

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